War in Ukraine: Ukrainian soldiers accused of abuses against Russian soldiers

Accusations of abuses by members of the Ukrainian army sparked a reaction from the president’s military adviser Zelensky. “For the past few days, videos published on social networks show abuses committed by Ukrainian soldiers on Russian troops”says journalist Arnaud Comte, duplex from kyiv, Friday, April 8. These videos relate in particular to the city of Stopped, near kyiv, where hundreds of civilians were killed. “On sees soldiers finishing off Russian soldiers on the ground at point-blank range”continues Arnaud Comte.

These images embarrass the entourage of the Ukrainian president Zelensky. “This war is also a communication war. Each camp has an interest in accusing the other and that is why the entourage of the Ukrainian president announces an upcoming investigation to find the perpetrators”reports the journalist. These acts amount to war crimes. kyiv reminded its soldiers that “Russian prisoners must be treated well in accordance with the Geneva Convention”he concludes.

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