What have we all done to God: who are the new characters in the saga?

In What have we all done to God?, released this Wednesday, the family is growing! Who are the new characters in the saga? Roundup of actors and actresses to join the hit comedy.

Little by little, the family is growing! For the third part of the adventures of the “Good God”, place to the in-laws. If we already knew the parents of Charles Koffi (Noom Diawara) as a couple with Laure (Elodie Fontan), the first two films had not yet given us the opportunity to meet the parents of Chao Ling (Frédéric Chau) as a couple with Ségolène (Emilie Caen), David Bénichou (Ary Abittan) as a couple with Odile (Alice David / Julia Piaton in parts 1 and 2), and Rachid Benassem (Medi Sadoun) as a couple with Isabelle (Frédérique Bel). It is now done. Discover the new characters in the saga, with the added bonus of two other faces.

What did we all do to God was released in theaters this Wednesday, still with Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby in the role of the Verneuil parents.

Arnaud Borrel

Farida Ouchani, Nanou Garcia, Li Heling and Salimata Kamate surround Chantal Lauby.

The pitch: It’s almost 40 years of marriage for Claude and Marie Verneuil. For this occasion, their four daughters decide to organize a big surprise party in the family home in Chinon and to invite the parents of each of the sons-in-law there for a few days. Claude and Marie will have to welcome under their roof the parents of Rachid, David, Chao and Charles: this “family” stay promises to be eventful.

Li Heling

March Movies

Li Heling plays Xhu Ling, Chao’s mother (Frédéric Chau)

The actress has the particularity of having played several times with the one who plays her son in the saga of the Good Lord. She was one of the main actresses of Un pas vers elle, a short film directed by Frédéric Chau in 2016. She is also one of the headliners of Made in China, co-written by Frédéric Chau, and directed by Julien Abraham, where she was already associated with Bing Yin, her husband in Le Bon Dieu 3.

We also saw her in the credits of A Screaming Man by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (2009) or Oil on Fire by Nicolas Benamou (2011).

Bing Yin

Marc Morin

Bing Yin plays Dong Lin, Chao’s father (Frederic Chau)

His most notable role: he is the headliner of Made in China alongside Frédéric Chau and Medi Sadoun.

Bing Yin, born in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province located in central China, 700 km south of Beijing, is a child of the ball. He is the son of an actress famous throughout the country and the director of a regional entertainment agency. In 1990, at the age of 28, Bing Yin arrived in France.

After several stints on television (Commissaire Cordier, Police District, PJ, etc.), he was hired in the international production From Paris with love alongside John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, and piloted by Luc Besson. He then continues with the second volume of the adventures of OSS 117: Rio no longer responds, with Jean Dujardin. Among his roles, Jean-Pierre Mocky called on him for Calomnie and Le Mystère des jonquilles.

Farida Ouchani

Pamela of Paris

Farida Ouchani plays Moktaria Benassem, Rachid’s mother (Medi Sadoun)

Farida Ouchani’s first film appearance dates back to Comme t’y es belle! by Lisa Azuelos in 2005. We could see her in particular in Presumed guilty by Vincent Garencq, in the role of Myriam Badaoui (2011), or even La Daronne with Isabelle Huppert (2020). More recently, she appeared in Haute Couture, with Nathalie Baye and Lyna Khoudri (2021). On television, she was in the credits of The State of Grace and Hotel de la plage.

For the anecdote, she recently shared the poster for Operation Portugal with Frédéric Chau (photo), also present in the cast of Good God in the role of Chao.

Nanou Garcia

better picture

Nanou Garcia plays Sarah Bénichou, the mother of David (Ary Abittan).

Much like Daniel Russo, who plays her husband in the film, Nanou Garcia has a long career as a comedy actress. We have seen him in many supporting roles over the years. We can cite, among others, comedies with (or by) Valérie Lemercier such as Forte, 100% cashmere, Palais royal… She landed one of the main roles in the comedy Zouzou by Blandine Lenoir, or Chez nous c is three of Claude Duty.

Daniel Russo

better picture

Daniel Russo plays Isaac Benichou, the father of David (Ary Abittan).

Daniel Russo has a long career in film, television, theater, and as a voice actor. He began his film career in 1976 with a very small role in The Judge and the Assassin by Bertrand Tavernier. His career is mainly oriented towards comedy, Russo taking advantage of his good-natured build and his patter.

Pascal NZonzi and Salimata Kamate

Arnaud Borrel

Pascal NZonzi and Salimata Kamate play the parents of Charles Koffi (Noom Diawara).

The public already knows the couple well, since unlike the other in-laws, the Koffi spouses were already present in What did we do to the Good Lord and What did we still do to the Good God.

He is André Koffi, the authoritarian and angry patriarch who gives Christian Clavier alias Claude Verneuil a hard time. The actor shares the poster again with Clavier in The Visitors 3 in 2016 then in What have we done to God again, following the immense success of 2014.

In his filmography, we can also indicate that he lends his stamp to Samuel L. Jackson in Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Salimata Kamate also starred in all three parts of the trilogy. It is also in the credits of a huge success of French cinema: Intouchables by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache.

Bonus: Jochen Haegele

Beatrice Cruveiller

In addition to the in-laws, this third opus invites us to discover the character of Helmut, a wealthy German gallery owner, who will turn heads.

He is played by Jochen Hägele who has acted in several French series and films, including Un village français or 96 heures and Diplomatie. He also lends his voice to several anime, including Bleach and Fairy Tail.

Bonus: Alice David / Julia Piaton

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In this third part, AliceDavid replaces Julia Piaton in the role of Odile, the girlfriend of David Bénichou (Ary Abittan).

After being spotted thanks to the short format Bref, Alice David has played in many successful comedies since her film debut: first of all, with Les Profs, taking on the role of Marie, a German teacher fresh from high school . Then she appeared in the comedy Never the First Night and Babysitting 1 and 2.

TF1 viewers discover her in September 2021 in Mensonges, the adaptation of the British series Liar. She plays Chloé Marzin, trapped in a most uncomfortable situation, when her sister (Audrey Fleurot) accuses her work colleague (Arnaud Ducret) of rape.

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