Brett Stapley NCAA Champion

The Montreal Canadiens currently have several solid prospects in their bank. Some stand out more, while others go a bit under the radar.

Without further ado, here is a new overview of CH’s hopes.

Brett Stapley – Center – 23

It’s clear that starting off, Stapley’s age may disappoint expectations. Indeed, seeing a 23-year-old prospect still playing in the NCAA isn’t exactly a good sign.

Stapley turned 23 in February and is coming off the best season of his NCAA career. He also ended his collegiate career by winning the prestigious NCAA national championship trophy.

The University of Denver number 7 was a seventh-round pick (190th overall) from the CH in 2018. Since then, Stapley has had good seasons in the NCAA but nothing more.

It was really this year that he exploded. He had 43 points (18 goals – 25 assists) in 41 games. This points collection allowed him to be the second leading scorer in the NCAA of the 2018 NHL Draft only behind Nathan Smith.

You will probably tell me that it was high time Stapley “dominated” especially considering his age. You are quite right.

But, the fact remains that Stapley really seems to have taken his game to another level this season.

It remains to be seen now if he will have done enough to earn himself a contract with CH. What is certain is that Stapley dreams of signing with the Habs.

Signing Stapley may at first glance seem like a “no-brainer” since it involves no risk.

However, as my colleague Félix Forget clearly explained in his text on Stapley, the risk lies in the fact that the CH is currently approaching the limit of 50 contracts granted by the NHL. The CH is indeed at 47 contracts out of 50.

Therefore, signing a 2-3 year agreement with Stapley could block the possibility of signing other hopefuls with a bigger plan than Stapley in the medium term.

In addition, the CH will have a lot of choice in the coming years, and some of these drafted hopefuls could win a contract faster than expected.

The latest rumors to which we had been entitled concerning Stapley informed us that the CH would most likely not sign the young man of 23 years.

In short, it is clear that Stapley deserves to receive a contract from an NHL team, but will it be the CH? That’s what we should know in the next few days or even weeks.

In any case, Stapley still counts as a CH hope. The Habs even congratulated him on his achievement.

A lot of

  • Riley Kidney also continues his excellent season.

A lot of

– Defeat of Auger-Aliassime.

– The very powerful Eastern Conference in the NBA.

– No contract talks yet.

– To be continued.

– Ongoing investigation.

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