Funeral of firefighter Dominic Jean: a final emotional tribute

Dominic Jean’s loved ones and firefighters from across Quebec said a last goodbye to the sapper who died in the line of duty during a ceremony at Lac Saint-Jean yesterday.

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It is with a solemn step that nearly 200 firefighters escorted the remains of the 51-year-old man through the municipality of Normandin.




Like a last lap before eternal rest, his ashes were carefully placed in the back of the truck in which he so often took place during his last 18 years as a volunteer firefighter.

In the streets, many citizens also wanted to attend the event, looking serious. It must be said that Dominic Jean was well known in his community for his involvement.

“My father was a guy who had a heart, who did not hesitate to give back to others. […] It is heartwarming [de voir l’hommage qu’on lui rend]“, underlines the son of the deceased, Marc-Antoine Jean.

emotional ceremony

It was precisely while fighting a farm fire in Saint-Edmond-les-Plaines, after agreeing to replace a sick colleague, that Mr. Jean lost his life on March 24. He was unable to get out in time when the roof of the building collapsed.

Memories of this tragedy quickly came to the surface when the helmet worn by the sapper entered the small church of Saint-Cyrille de Normandin. Transported by colleagues from the Régie intermunicipale Le Géant, the passage of the equipment caused a wave of tears and sobs.

But the emotions erupted again a few minutes later, during the testimony of Louise Lamoureux, the mother of the late firefighter.

“With you, I was in good hands. It’s my turn to put you in good hands, in my heart forever, my lieutenant, ”she said in front of a completely moved room.

A big family

The public funeral of the deceased drew so many loved ones, fellow firefighters and dignitaries that the 600-seat building was not enough to accommodate everyone.

A room in the Normandin high school, a few steps from the church, had to be opened to allow many to view the ceremony from a distance, due to lack of space.

“It is in these moments that we realize that the firefighters are a big family”, underlines Marc-Antoine Jean, surprised to see the extent of the mobilization for the public funeral of his father.

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