Jérémy looks back on his experience at Star Académie

After four endangerments, Jérémy Plante said goodbye to his Academician friends on Sunday, while Eloi Cummings and Sarah-Maude Desgagné were saved by the public and the teaching staff respectively. The 25-year-old singer and musician from Lévis with an undeniable stage charisma grew out of this experience that put him to the test.

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Jérémy, how did you feel during this 10th and last week for you?
Fatigue set in. My body sent messages to me, my voice quietly let me go. Normally I would have been able to sing Light the fire by Johnny Hallyday, which I had chosen for my endangerment, but Wednesday, it did not come out.

How did you come to change songs to Someone like You?
Lara reiterated her trust in me. She thought that with a little rest I would be able to deliver Light the fire. A few hours later, people from the production of Star Academy spoke kindly to me. They wanted to be sure that I was comfortable with this choice. I slept on it… I’m not the type to refuse a challenge like singing Johnny Hallyday, but I realized that it might be my last Variety and that it was better pick a song that represents me well and that I’m totally comfortable singing, like Someone like You.

You said you entered the Academy with a certain “ego to protect”, but that your vision has evolved. What did you mean by that?
I arrived thinking that I was an accomplished musician thanks to my studies and my experiences. It took me a long time to understand that, despite all the baggage that we have each accumulated on our side, what counts on stage is our uniqueness. Some sing with their guts, others have incredible vocal universes. Me, I may not be the best singer, guitarist or pianist, but I enjoy taking possession of the stage.

What made you change your mentality?
When I sang Free from all ties to keep my place, I understood that I had to stop stressing. I had fun. I danced feeling like it was the end of my adventure, and people liked that. Now I don’t stress about being saved! (to smile)

Which guest artist impressed you the most during your journey?
I lived a dream by sharing the stage with Simple Plan, because they are my idols. Robert Charlebois also became my idol. At 77, he is amazing! He runs and dances on stage! In addition, he is very nice and gave me lots of good advice.

What relationships have you developed with the teachers at the Academy?
I feel like Guylaine is part of my family! She gave me one of the most valuable pieces of advice when she told me that if something bad happens to me, I have the right to be sad for 24 hours, but then I have to keep on going. Lara is an exceptional artist. I still can’t fully measure my luck to have worked with her. Then I recognize myself in several aspects of Gregory’s personality, including his passion for all styles of music. I liked that he was direct in giving me his comments at the beginning. It allowed me to do things quickly.

What awaits you now?
I can’t wait to get back to my house, my dog, my roommate, Samuel. We grew up together, we have a company together and he’s the drummer in my band. He’s a brother to me. We make a good team!

What are your musical projects?
I’ve been working on a new country style album with my Blue Ridge Band for two years. We were planning to do a 10-song record, but maybe we’ll release a five-track EP right away. We have opening acts planned, including that of Matt Lang, and participation in festivals, including those of Saint-Victor and St-Tite. I also want to write with artists I met at Star Academy. I spoke about it to Marc Dupré, Vincent Vallières and Louis-Jean Cormier. I want to go to the end of the chance I had to have taken part in this adventure.

“Jérémy has a gift” — Marie-Claude, his mother

It is not easy for the parents of Academicians to know that their child is put in danger by the teaching staff. Daniel and Marie-Claude have seen their son Jérémy face this situation four times. “It was more difficult to live during the first weeks, but the main thing for us was that he left with a performance he could be proud of. That’s what he did this Sunday,” Daniel told us. When he was only five years old, the parents realized that their son had rhythm in his blood, but it was around the age of 10 that they discovered his great passion for music. “Jérémy was doing shows at school and it shone in his eyes. He then learned the guitar on his own. It’s a gift he has for music! launched his mother.

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