Marguerite Blais emerges from the turmoil

She entered politics thanks to her media notoriety, her all-worldly appearance, her unrestrained tendency to express her emotions, to shed tears in public and to defend the elderly.

Old people who loved him almost unconditionally. Elderly people, often weakened, are inclined to trust Marguerite Blais, who know how to give compliments, who touch them both literally and figuratively and who tell them what they want to hear, namely not “we”, but “I” take care of you.

Marguerite Blais first chose Jean Charest’s Liberal Party. Its leader, a politician to the core, had understood that his party, which included members who were not all altar boys, would benefit from this curly-haired blonde with a halo of political sanctity on her head.

Between April 2007 and September 2012, Marguerite Blais was the minister responsible for seniors. She seemed happy to be responsible, but already some had perceived her political limits.

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Marguerite shook hands and hugged more citizens than most – if not all – of her colleagues. Premier Charest must have understood that his jovial, enthusiastic and enthusiastic minister seemed lost in the mysteries of power. Political management was not his trump card.

Moreover, Marguerite Blais had declared that she was not responsible for the CHSLDs when she was a Liberal minister, this being the responsibility of the Minister of Health. She had been contradicted by the PQ candidate in 2018 in his constituency. It is therefore not yesterday that his lack of responsibility as minister was denounced by the politicians who frequented him.

François Legault had a soft spot for the “guardian angel” of seniors and opened the door to the CAQ to him in 2018. The popularity of Marguerite Blais and the admittedly superficial image of her commitment to the left were assets for the head of the CAQ, listed on the right.

Ministerial solidarity

However, the Prime Minister, who hastened, after the spectacular victory of his party, to offer him his former ministry, seemed to be jubilant. Alas, deep psychology is not the major strength of François Legault the pragmatic, who, despite his bloodshed, always finds his reflex to reach consensus. Marguerite Blais has always ignored ministerial solidarity.

When the tragedy happened to Herron, the Minister could only be flabbergasted, scandalized and helpless. In other words, Marguerite Blais cannot become the scapegoat for this national catastrophe.

But the Prime Minister had to suggest that he quit politics. If, according to current polls, the CAQ finds itself in power next October, this ministry will have to be entrusted to a person who seeks neither notoriety nor public recognition. That is to say someone who has the courage of his convictions and who is inhabited by the gravity of his duties.

Our elders don’t need media attention, emotional rhetoric and promises of castles to live in. They need constant care, respect, dignity and affection. What use will an eternal commission of inquiry be if the facts speak for themselves?

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