Morbius slumps at the box office and breaks a sad record for a Marvel hero

After a rather average launch, Morbius continues its momentum with a second catastrophic weekend. Hard blow for Sony and its extended universe projects.

Jared Leto is not popular in superheroic universes. After his more than criticized appearance as Joker in suicide squad (and Zack Snyder’s Justice League), his arrival as a Marvel anti-hero did not convince either. Michael Morbius was supposed to help Sony launch its extended universe around the big comic book villains Spider Manafter Tom Hardy in Venom, and before Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Kraven, but the vampire does not take off as high as expected.

Summary of operations: Morbius was blown up by critics, and did not really excite the public, which is felt on the figures of the film at the box office (in particular at the American box office). And Morbius now breaks a less than stellar record, with a vertiginous drop in attendance in the second week, proof of very poor word-of-mouth.

Jared Leto, vampirized at the box office

The figures are mentioned by Forbes – and they are really not good. For its second Friday of exploitation, the film made it possible to recover less than 3 million dollars of receipts, that is to say an 83% drop compared to last Friday. The film should not exceed the additional 10 million at the end of the weekend. Forbes expects a total drop in attendance of 75%.

It’s almost a record. Apart from the disastrous X-Men: dark phoenix, never had a film adapted from American comics experienced such a collapse at the box office.

IF those numbers hold true, that would take the movie to a total of $57 million in 10 days. With such a score, he will do little better than Fantastic Four (56 million in all), and will position itself to perhaps beat dark phoenix which had recorded a total of 65 million.

In all cases, Morbius sits alongside two recent disasters in the genre. Fortunately for Sony, Morbius only cost 75 milliona modest budget compared to dark phoenix (200 million) and Fantastic Four (120 million). It is also cheaper than Venom (around 100-110 million).

Morbius: photo, Jared LetoJared Leto and Mortbius

Morbius approaching 130 million at the worldwide box office. The 856 million Venomand the 502 million Venom 2seem very, very far away.

How to explain this discrepancy? First, the film has been pushed back multiple times, and Sony probably struggled to position Morbiusespecially compared to Spider-Man. Movies Venom were clearly linked to Spider-Man, thanks to the memory of Spiderman 3 directed by Sam Raimi, and the popularity of the comic book characters. Morbius is much less well known, and his connection to Spider-Man was not the focus of the promo.

What does this mean for the sequel, as Sony tries to set up its version of the MCU? It is still a bit early to tell. Morbius 2 seems compromised (especially since Sony has other powerful brands to support). His character could, however, return in a film around the Sinister Six, a team of super-villains opposed to Spider Man in comics. The project has been in the pipeline for some time.

Morbius: photo, Jared LetoRespiratory arrest at the box office

Before that, it’s another formidable enemy of Peter Parker who will benefit from his solo film: Kraven the hunter is expected on screens for the month of July 2023. Madame Web is also announced, along with Dakota Johnson.

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