Presidential 2022: what do the candidates propose regarding taxes?


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C.Méral, H.Capelli, B.Garguy-Chartier, T.Le Hec, L.Pekez, B.Véran, M.Niewenglowski, A.Bouville, D.Turpin, M.Munilla, N.Beddiaf, S.Ripaud -France 2

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A few hours before the end of the campaign for the first round of the presidential election, Friday, April 8, the question of taxation arises. What are the candidates’ proposals on tax or duties?

Presidential candidates have spoken out on taxes. On the right, we promise less taxes. Valérie Pécresse wants to make working from home easier. Marine Le Pen wants to lower VAT on fuel, gas and electricity. For Éric Zemmour, it is necessary to limit social charges in order to increase income. He proposes the reduction of the CSG for salaries of less than 2,000 euros, “which will allow a salary increase of 105 euros”details the candidate.

Emmanuel Macron undertakes to abolish the audiovisual license fee. On the left, Anne Hidalgo would like to limit VAT on products that promote the energy transition. For Yannick Jadotthe richest must be taxed with a climate wealth tax. “We will make them contribute to the public service because even billionaires are treated in hospital,” he explains. Wealth tax is also found with Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Philippe Poutou.

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