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Good night Tampa, good morning Montreal! Cole Caufield could have added to it because he is in the process of awakening a superb love story with the supporters of the Canadian.

Yes, it’s very small, but it’s really good, spectacular and friendly. It’s refreshing to see his speed, his way of discovering himself, the quality of his passes and his ingenuity. He raised eyebrows because of his size, but he quickly closed the door to the critics.

Now, he is predicted to have 40-goal seasons and he is already a key cog in the renewed attack in Montreal. His showmanship is fascinating and all his goals get the crowd going. An interesting phenomenon. He has a cute teen face, he’s charming and he has an infectious smile. A beautiful person.


It smacks of harmony, complicity, collusion with Nick Suzuki, his likely future captain, as well as with his trainer, who put him back on the path to success. A beautiful story, it’s very beautiful to see.

Bring personalities who are pleasant, affable and amiable, because we have not always been spoiled in Montreal. From Carey Price to Max Pacioretty, passing by Shea Weber or Andrei Markov, we cannot say that Montreal has been seduced or magnetized by the temperament of its hockey stars.

Whether it’s Gionta, Koivu, Plekanec or Galchenyuk, the relationship has long been cold, distant, and even flat. We were quite far from a Mario Tremblay, a Guy Lafleur, a Larry Robinson or a Gary Carter of the time.


The friendliest face in recent years has certainly been that of PK Subban, and we found a way to put him out, and elsewhere in the league, we found a way to smother him.

Here, he had just donated $10 million to a hospital, he was rocking the town, but it was too much. Faces of Lent could no longer endure him despite his talent, his Norris trophy, his enthusiasm, his dynamism. Outside !

Should we tell Cole Caufield not to laugh too much, not to rejoice too much? Can Cole learn French? It would be good.

This is a place, an aspect where the new organization has the chance to install a philosophy truly adapted to its market.

If it is true that the public of Montreal is the best of the planet hockey, it is necessary to give back to them. In Montreal, it’s different. Yes, you have to be good on the ice, good in the bedroom, but good with the fans too.

Being warm, friendly and generous never hurt anyone. In Quebec, when you love, it has to show. Between Caufield and Montreal, it’s starting to show.

By the way, this week when the Canadian went to play in Jersey, I was looking at PK Subban, too weighted, even discreet. He sounded like a guy on penance. What if we hadn’t traded it…

From the enclave

  • Never, but never Yvan Cournoyer does not turn 78. Voluntarily, he has just lost ten kilos. Looks like he’s getting ready for fall training camp.
  • After more than 3000 matches in 35 years within the organization of the Canadiens, the famous equipment attendant Pierre Gervais will retire at the end of the season. However, he would still remain in the team’s entourage. Big and fine wine taster, the Pete.
  • Also in resplendent form, the former world champion Eric Lucas decided not to drive a truck during the winter. Happy as a king, in Magog.
  • 2003 draft, Anaheim had chosen Ryan Getzlaf in 19th place. Before, at 10and rank, Montreal had selected Sergei Kostitsyn. That year, Patrice Bergeron was called to 45and rank by you know who.
  • Note. On Saturday April 23, the grand finale of the Hunting and Fishing Film Tour of Daniel Gilbert and his team. A great evening of movies watched in your living room and $40,000 in prizes.
  • You have to go to The Players tribune site and read the text written by Mike Bossy in 2017.
  • Samuel PoulinPatrick’s son is doing very well in the Penguouins school club in Wilkes-Barre. Right winger like his dad who goes to see him play about every three weeks.
  • Who will win the home run championship in major league baseball this year? Yes, another little guy from Montreal. Vladimir Guerrero (did you know that?) is a Montrealer by birth. Go Vlad!
  • Cameron Smith can do double bogeys like you and me, but he can also do eight birdies in a round. He’s at the Masters, not us.
  • Eleventh year in a row without setting foot in the playoffs for the buffalo sabers. There is always worse.
  • Weighing 6’5″ and 237 pounds, Justin Vaive is the son of former player Rick Vaive, but he never managed to play a single game in the NHL. He had been drafted by Anaheim. He is now 32 and plays in Cincinnati on the East Coast.

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