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Subscriber to Prime, you wonder what are the best movies to see on Amazon? Discover the Top 7 according to the ratings of AlloCiné spectators.

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Please note: this ranking is based on the ratings of AlloCiné internet users. Only films with at least 500 votes were taken into account in this top.

1-Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is American History, from the 1940s to the end of the 20th century, told through the eyes of an extraordinary, simple and pure man. From the presidencies of Kennedy and Johnson, to the Vietnam War, Watergate and other milestones, Robert Zemeckis’ six-time Oscar-winning cult film is a humanist odyssey that has touched the hearts of its viewers for almost three decades already.

All the strength of the film, which aims to be both epic and intimate, lies in its touching and endearing, naive and benevolent character, an ingenuous witness to the great episodes in the history of his country, and in the person who interprets him, a Mythical Tom Hanks, entered another story, that of the Oscars, by winning here the prize for best actor for the second consecutive year.

2- The Lord of the Rings: Trilogy

The epic and harrowing quest of Frodo, Sam and the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring is forever etched in memory: from the possession of the precious object by a young hobbit to the formation of a mythical group united to destroy the evil object and the one who wishes to find it, to the great disproportionate battles that we will never forget, The Lord of the Rings hit hard, we cannot deny it.

The daring Peter Jackson has pulled off a crazy gamble here: successfully adapting JRR Tolkien’s iconic work – dense and immense – into three films shot in one go that thrilled the whole world. Because yes, The Lord of the Rings is the saga of an entire generation, the one that revolutionized the fantasy genre and changed everything in the world of special effects. The trilogy brings together no less than 17 Oscars, including 11 for The Return of the King, which thus becomes one of the films having won the most statuettes, tied with Ben Hur and Titanic. No doubt, you are dealing here with one of the greatest cinematographic experiences of all time, to see or simply see again.

3- The dark knight

This is the most acclaimed superhero film, the one that has united critics and audiences and will remain a reference for all Batman derivatives: we are of course talking about The Dark Knight, the second part of a trilogy that has had a strong impact. In a burst of genius (his trademark), Christopher Nolan chose realism to tell the story of one of pop culture’s most beloved heroes. Mean by that dark universe and complicated political climate in which evolves a little acclaimed Batman and full of doubts.

The atmosphere is heavy, the stakes are vital, the suspense is unbearable and the action unleashed: a spectacle to see if it has not already been done, or to be seen again for enthusiasts, if only for the rewarded performance. of Heath Ledger and his terrible Joker become mythical.

4- Once upon a time in America

Once upon a time in America is the story of Noodles returning to New York thirty years after having lived there. There he reminisces about his past as a gangster during Prohibition – nostalgia and regrets included – whether with his friends and the illegal liquor trade that made them famous, or with his deplored childhood love. But it is above all the last film by the giant Sergio Leone, carried by Robert De Niro at his peak, a dense and melancholy fresco, the third part of a mythical trilogy devoted to key periods in American history.

After Once Upon a Time in the West and Once Upon a Time in the Revolution, Once Upon a Time in America is a long stroll recounting 40 years of a man’s life, a complex, rich and beautiful story for a work at the controlled production and neat writing. A must in cinema yes, one of the most beautiful films in the world too.

5- Gladiator

Emblem of the 2000s, Gladiator is the peplum of an entire generation, the one that dedicated Russell Crowe – offering him a most deserved Oscar – against an equally excellent Joaquin Phoenix, in the skin of a character more cruel than ever. Authentic, daring and grandiose, the film depicts the moving story of the Roman general Maximus on the way to succeeding Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

But everything gets complicated: the latter is assassinated by his son Commodus who also attacks the general and his family. The only survivor of this massacre: a destroyed Maximus, now a slave and a gladiator with the sole purpose of surviving to be able to take revenge. Hailed by critics, adored by the public, the cult film by Ridley Scott has everything epic and has five Oscars to prove it. And among them, that of the best film: everything is said.

6- Interstellar

What happens when a handful of explorers decide to cross a newly found space-time rift in search of a habitable planet to save the dying humanity on Earth? This gives Interstellar, a touching and researched masterpiece of science fiction that we have not finished talking about. And if all this seems complicated to you, know that it is!

But it’s also visually grandiose and ambitious in script, rhythmically breathless and finally, brilliantly inventive, a real race against the space clock that we continue to question, which leaves perplexed and subjugated: we expect no less from Christopher Nolan the keen. Do not miss this monument of the big screen and fully undertake this spectacular journey through space and time.

7- Fight club

Fight Club immerses us in the heart of the monotonous and repetitive life of a narrator, without any real identity, who lives, works, eats and sleeps alone. An insomniac soap maker, he will soon become a member of an underground fight club – run by a philosophical anarchist – which will change his life. A satire of today’s consumer society, David Fincher’s famous psychological thriller is a dark and disturbing, creepy and demented film that shocks and hypnotizes, provokes thought, arouses dread and overwhelms at the same time.

If its scenario is brilliant with madness and its production and photography simply sublime, we do not fail to marvel at the remarkable performances of Edward Norton and Brad Pitt which will never cease to inhabit you. Realistic and anti-conformist, don’t miss this cult film which has its share of surprises in store for you.

The best movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video

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