At Eric Zemmour’s HQ, after hope, the hangover

After weeks of campaigning with the objective of the second round, Eric Zemmour (Reconquest!) won only 7% of the vote. At the Mutualité de Paris, his supporters did not hide their disappointment.

Seven percent. This is the proportion of voters who chose Eric Zemmour, fourth but far from the top three, Emmanuel Macron (27.6%), Marine Le Pen (23.4%) and Jean-Luc Mélenchon (22%). At the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris on Sunday evening, before the first estimates, the candidate’s supporters no longer hoped for much. It must be said that for several weeks, Eric Zemmour was in free fall in the polls. The useful vote for the far right finally went to Marine Le Pen. The candidate experienced a dynamic opposite to that of the former polemicist.

It was in a very calm atmosphere that the guests of the Reconquest party waited for 8 p.m. Eric Zemmour arrived late at the premises, speaking after all the candidates except Emmanuel Macron. When the results were announced at 8 p.m., the scores for Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen displayed on the screen provoked cries of astonishment, then boos. Some timid applause followed when the score of their candidate was announced, who could still be reimbursed for his campaign expenses.

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A clear voting instruction for the second round

But after the disappointment, the activists quickly talked about the near future and the second round which comes in 2 weeks. “They store the bottles of champagne, you never know so as not to exceed the campaign ceiling” preferred to ironically a young activist from Eric Zemmour. The older ones were more pragmatic. “We absolutely have to vote for Marine Le Pen, she is much closer to us. Emmanuel Macron, that’s enough, ”admitted a supporter. Points of view reinforced by the speech of Marion Maréchal. During her time on the TF1 set, she was listened to religiously by Zemmour activists. And Marine Le Pen’s niece even allowed herself to give priority to her candidate. Even before Eric Zemmour took the floor to give a possible voting instruction, she announced that he “will call to vote for Marine Le Pen”. A detail that the activists did not note, Marion Maréchal was very applauded in the room. A man even shouted “the relief” during the applause. Listening to Valérie Pécresse’s speech, many activists laughed when she mentioned the “danger” Marine Le Pen. When she announces that she will vote Emmanuel Macron, the crowd laughs yellow while shouting “Well let’s see! Well then ! “.

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The former polemicist has promised that he will not give up

Eric Zemmour will finally have done what he reproached Valérie Pécresse. While candidate LR announced that she would vote for the outgoing president in the second round, she called on him to vote for Marine Le Pen. Beyond the voting instructions, Eric Zemmour promised to “continue the fight” because “soon” they will win. “Your voices are the cry of a people who don’t want to die,” he said. He was pleased to have put at the center of the debate issues hitherto little discussed according to him. Several times, the former polemicist promises that he will not give up, perhaps putting a definitive end to his career as a journalist or speaker on television sets. Finally, Eric Zemmour judged that he was at the head of the largest party in France.

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What’s next after this ad

What’s next after this ad

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After the speech, the candidate’s relatives met with the crowd for a buffet. Activists were able to approach the candidate and his supporters such as Senator Stéphane Ravier or Deputy Gilbert Collard. Activists sometimes in tears who did not escape the seasoned eye of the companion of Eric Zemmour, Sarah Knafo. She showed her companion with a stroke of her arm a crying person so that he could take her in his arms in front of the cameras.

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