Dave reveals sad news about singer Renaud, no one expected that!

Dave confided in us about his great friend Renaud, and the news isn’t exactly good according to his singer friend.

Dave is the most French of Dutch singers! Born Wouter Otto Levenbach, he was fascinated by music from an early age. At the age of 20, he left for London to record an album and already used the pseudonym Dave, which was much more international than his real name.

The following year, this sailing fan left his native Amsterdam and joined Marseille by the canals on a flat boat! This is the beginning of a great love story between the singer and his adopted country.

Dave: the mythical star singer of the small screen.

In 1974, Dave released his first hit, Vanina, which sold over a million copies. The following year, he released his second timeless success, Du cote de chez Swann. However, the fashion for romantic songs passes, and Dave finds himself old-fashioned.

He returned to singing in 1993 with an eponymous album, and regained success with the release of a compilation album. He then came out somewhat disguised in an advertisement for Edam, a cheese from his native country:

Apparently Dave doesn’t like women / Dave likes Edam. The singer has been in a relationship with his songwriter Patrick Loiseau since 1971. Although this subject was still very taboo at the time, its popularity was far too great for this to be a problem.

On the contrary ! Dave is a French icon, he presents many TV shows and plays these great classics all over France.

Renaud and his old demons.

Renaud and Dave have known each other for a long time, both being icons of French song for decades.

However, their friendship is very recent. The two great men of French song collaborated on Dave’s latest album, Remember to love.

Renaud is one of the greatest French singers. His hits like Mistral Gagnant or Morgan de toi are still appreciated today.

Already in his early days, Renaud had a sulphurous reputation. Antimilitarist, ecologist, he shakes up received ideas. However, the singer has a very personal demon that causes him great harm: alcohol.

This led him to a very long period in the desert. In 2010, he spoke about it to our colleagues from Serge magazine:

renaud line

I drink because I’m not well in my skin, in my rind. I have psychoses, anxieties, a bad life, a nostalgia for my childhood. And it gets worse with all these friends dying around me.

It depresses me, I’m all alone in my bar. So rather than ruminating on my thoughts, I drink a small glass and it’s a little better. I constantly feel like I’m being persecuted, followed, listened to, spied on in my email and on my cell phone by people who want to harm me. I’m also afraid of dying, I don’t know where it comes from, it’s a disease.


It’s not very reassuring. Dave worries about his friend Renaud.

Renaud managed to get out of his alcohol addiction several times. He himself went to a health center a few years ago and decided to quit drinking once and for all.

In the meantime, he released a children’s album, as well as his controversial song “Corona Song”.

His friend Dave often visits him, and he told Nice-Matin that the rebel singer is doing much better. However, aware of Renaud’s complicated past, Dave can only worry:

The problem is that it doesn’t last because of the demons in his head. Moreover, Renaud would say that he himself is melancholy, which is not really a good sign.


Either way, the People Act Magazine team wishes Renaud the best, and hopes his friend Dave will take good care of him!

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