Legault shouts at the “dirty” on the back of ministers Blais and McCann

François Legault accuses the opposition parties of having engaged in a “smearing” campaign on the backs of ministers Marguerite Blais and Danielle McCann in order to score points in Marie-Victorin, where a by-election is taking place today. today.

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For the CAQ leader, it is “no coincidence” that the opposition parties began to “shoot” the Minister of Seniors and the former Minister of Health last week, following various reports concerning the carnage of the CHSLD Herron.

Danielle McCann and Marguerite Blais in March 2020.

Archive photo, Didier Debusschère

Danielle McCann and Marguerite Blais in March 2020.

“I find it sad that we are playing petty politics because there is a by-election,” lamented the Prime Minister, during a press scrum granted on the sidelines of a visit to a primary school.

“Little low-level politics”, he added. “I find it odious,” repeated Mr. Legault.

Questioned by journalists, the Prime Minister assured that no one in his entourage has spread the information to the effect that Ms. Blais and McCann will not stand for re-election.

He would also have preferred that the two ministers make the announcement themselves to their constituents. “I find it unfortunate, this leak,” said Mr. Legault.

“A test for the Parti Québécois”

As for the by-election in the riding of Marie-Victorin, the results of which will be known this evening, the CAQ leader blew hot and cold.

“You never know, but it’s a PQ castle,” dropped the CAQ leader, recalling the generally low turnout observed during by-elections.

“We have to understand more that this is a test for the Parti Québécois,” continued the CAQ leader, who hopes at the very least to obtain a better result than in the last elections.

“We hope to beat our 2018 score to 28%,” said Mr. Legault, before specifying that the CAQ “hopes to win” with candidate Shirley Dorismond, who faces among others the PQ Pierre Nantel.

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