Merchant has no expectations on the 3rd link

The mayor of Quebec does not expect to have the answers to all his questions about the third link this week that will allow him to take a definitive position on the project.

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Bruno Marchand will discuss Monday with the government, which will give him an overview of the new elements that will be announced this week.

According to information collected by The newspaperthe tunnel megaproject between Quebec and Lévis, which was close to $10 billion at its high end, will be reduced, by reducing the number of lanes and considering the dynamic management of traffic lanes.

“I haven’t had any information yet. I will have some in the next few hours. We will be presented with the elements. What I have already said on the question of the third link remains valid. I will go see how the grind is changed and we will evaluate afterwards, ”said Mr. Marchand, in a press briefing Monday morning.

Questions and answers

He does not expect to get all the information he is looking for this week. “I don’t arrive with the expectation that all the questions will be answered. If it takes longer to respond, I am patient. I do not give myself the obligation to, Wednesday or Thursday, depending on when it will be announced, to arrive with a firm position.

The mayor of Quebec has always refused to take a position on the third link. He has often said that he was waiting for answers to his questions before deciding, in particular on the consequences of the project on urban sprawl, on the environment and on the impacts on traffic in Quebec.

Dynamic pathways

On the subject of the dynamic lanes, which the government deemed too complicated to set up in the west, on the Pierre-Laporte bridge, but which it is considering in the future tunnel, the mayor did not want to come forward. He repeated that he was going to wait to find out the terms of establishment in the third link.

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