[MUSIQUE] Discovering Chadia, the Fulani princess compared to Oumou Sangaré

Discovering Chadia, the Fulani princess compared to Oumou Sangaré

Aïcha Dia of her real name, the artist – composer – Senegalese interpreter better known by her stage name Chadia is one of the latest revelations of the Senegalese scene. Born in Dakar, she comes from the Peulh community of Vélingara Walo (Kaolack). Compared by the international press to Oumou Sangaré, Chadia opened up to Seneweb about her career, her relationship with other Senegalese artists, her ambitions, among other topics. Maintenance

Tell us about your background?

I am a singer songwriter. I started my career in 2013 and I went to the Douta Seck music school where I got my singing and guitar diploma. I released my first single in 2016 titled Nanou Boolo. These two singles revealed me to the general public and thanks to that I continue my musical career to sell my art.

What are your musical influences?

Music has always been a passion for me since childhood. My work environment also influenced me a lot because the artists performed in front of me and that awakened what was dormant in me. I attended the cultural center Abdoulaye doubted Seck to take music lessons. Now I realize a childhood dream.

What is your favorite musical genre?

I do all musical genres because I started with variety. I have total freedom of style. Most of my releases are Afrobeat and acoustic, the live evenings I do with my band are world music, but especially Afropular. I remember that an artist must be versatile for all musical styles.

What relationships do you have with other Senegalese artists?

I have very good relations with the artists, we are brothers and sisters. Frankly, I maintain very good relations with all the artists I know…Besides, we are all in the same logic of sharing and helping each other. As for me, I am so happy with my Senegalese artist brothers and sisters.

You are still single without children. Is music an obstacle for marriage?

No, however. It’s true that the music is too jealous but that doesn’t prevent marriage. You just have to have someone who understands you and motivates you to persevere in music. You have to have complicity with your partner so when the time comes I will do it inch’Allah.

The Senegalese music scene is very hectic with competition from artists. Are you in this logic of competition?

My career is too precious for me, so I don’t even see this side because for me it’s patience that drives me. I prefer to focus on the success of my career rather than the competition or the competition. The time I spent to learn can’t rhyme with competition

Have you recorded duets with other Senegalese artists?

Yes I did a lot of duets. There are some that are already on the market and others that have not yet been released. For example for those that are already available, there is the one with Vieux Mac Faye “Non assistance to children in danger” in 2019 – Thione Seck “You will be” available and the other two not yet on the market – Adviser “Minéma” – Lass Vegu “Jamm Gallè” 2022. I will continue to collaborate with other Senegalese and even international artists.

You have just released a new single called Naby in this blessed month of Ramadan. A song in which you pay homage to the Prophet Muhammad (PSL). Was it a dream for you to sing the praises of the prophet?

It’s something I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time. The Prophet is our source of motivation. Every time I think of him, it gives me the desire and the courage to redouble my efforts. I also made this song to wish my community a blessed month of Ramadan. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to sing Naby.

What are your artistic projects?

Currently, I am promoting the new single. I’m preparing other singles, too. I am also asked for featurings with international artists and great musicians. After the festivals in which I participated such as the Femua, the Afriky Mousso festival, the Blues du Fleuve festival and the Masa festival, I have two events in perspective: the FIMAD (international festival of Music and Arts of Dakar) which takes place in May; then I have to go to Dubai for the prize we won as the best artistic group for the promotion of female leadership. There are plenty of other dates that we will communicate to you over time.

Author: Alioune Badara MANE – Seneweb.com

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