“My midlife crisis lasted my entire life!”

The musician from Nice concludes his Zénith tour this week. Back on the course of a finally happy quadra.

The spring weather gives a new face to the Parc de la Villette. The trees have blossomed, the runners and cyclists have put away their winter clothes, while the Zénith is basking in the sun. For Ben Mazué, this impromptu visit is not insignificant. In a few days, he will play here for the first time and sold out, after a tour of other Zeniths and much more modest venues. “Do you think this is a pivotal moment in a career? he asks us thoughtfully. ” Sure. He thought for a moment, while frantically fiddling with a small rubber band out of his pocket, and ended up answering: “I’m happy with the new show. I don’t see the point of offering the same show for 100, 1,000 or 5,000 people. The art of avoiding the subject.

Mazué is the type to drift according to thoughts, an eternal dreamer more interested in his interlocutors than in himself. “I’ll be that guy who blunders about others,” he sings. This little refrain takes on its full meaning when you meet the Niçois. The one who embarked on life as a doctor could undoubtedly have become a psychologist… He chose to be an acrobat, “circussian”, as he says, in order to share his art with as many people as possible. Go back to the stethoscope one day? That’s a big no. Mazué is above all a storyteller: writing for him, for others (Zaz, Grand Corps Malade, Pomme, Jérémy Frérot…) remains his best outlet. And his music is delivered like a sweet story.

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“Paradis”, his fourth album, is without filter or frills

“Paradise”, fourth disc, the reissue of which was released in December 2021, tells of this couple who pitch with two toddlers to keep afloat, and a departure for Reunion in the hope of saving everything. Until you realize that even heaven can’t avoid the inevitable. “In the end, we also took our demons in our luggage, and they grew once there,” he says. The artist has not lost a crumb of his love for the island which saw his separation. “I believe that there are no particular reasons for loving a place. I love paris. I can see what’s wrong with this town, but that doesn’t stop me from loving it. I feel the same for Reunion. »

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By criss-crossing its paths, the walker has found a new lease of life. “Paradise”, without filters or frills, offered the singer a wider audience, who recognized themselves in the fractures of his life. “Do you really think it touched that many people, do you? he asks sarcastically. Eighty-five thousand copies sold, all the same. And a Victory of the music of the concert of the year. Mazué is not the star type. In Paris, where he has taken up residence, he travels by bicycle, mop of hair in battle. Listening to him, he is “like everyone else”… or almost. ” I’m 41 years old. For many people, the midlife crisis is waking up one morning realizing that we’ve done everything we’ve been expected to do for years and it’s time for a change. Me, I feel like my midlife crisis lasted my whole life! »

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“Paradise” (Columbia/Sony Music). Currently on tour, in Paris (Zénith) on April 8th.

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