New films and series to see on Netflix from April 11 to 15

Like every week, our weekly meeting lets us discover new releases and reruns of films and series on Netflix. This week again, a great program on the menu with new series and a horror film.

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We will have to wait a little longer to discover Part 2 of season 4 of ozark. The American series will arrive on the platform on April 29. But until then, there is enough to hold with a program rich and varied in genres on Netflix.

Cartoons, comedies, comic series, mini-series, this week, the Netflix program is particularly high.


The Wild Investigations (April 12, Season 1)

Because it is also necessary for the little ones, Wild Investigations is perfect for starting spring break. Charming and fun, Wild Investigations offers adventures under cover of espionage through animal-like characters. ” Special Agents Sam and Kit travel the world to solve many animal kingdom puzzles using their flair, science and cool gadgets “.

Hard Cell (April 13, Season 1)

British series are among the best on the small screen. Even more when it comes to comedy series. So when we learn that hard cell brings together all that British television has best, we jump at the chance. ” Event planner turned women’s prison warden documents the twists and turns of life behind bars “. It is neither of Prison Break and even less of Orange is the new black After hard cell promises a crazy atmosphere full of fun for this first season available on Tuesday. Good humor and laughter guaranteed.

Happy… or almost (April 13, season 2)

Happy‚Ķ or almost is a comedy series from Argentina. ” Sebasti√°n, a little-known radio host, tries to find his way while managing his two children and his relationship with his ex-wife, with whom he is still in love. “. Nothing really new in its history but the series offers beautiful character portraits that should easily convince viewers looking for lighter and feel good series.

Ultraman (April 14, Season 2)

We had discovered season 1 of Ultraman in 2019 on Netflix. Season 2 of the anime series finally arrives on Thursday, April 14. With its neat graphics and well-constructed narrative, Utraman should still amaze us. ” Years ago, a space hero restored peace to Earth. Today, it’s Ultraman’s son’s turn to protect the world against an alien threat. “.

Anatomy of a Scandal (April 15, miniseries)

Another exciting series. Created by David E. Kelly, already behind big little lies and The defeat on HBO, Anatomy of a Scandal is part of the continuity of the legal series coated in a mysterious atmosphere at will. ” Sophie’s privileged existence is turned upside down when her husband James, a powerful politician, is the target of scandalous revelations and accused of a horrific crime ‚Äú, informs the summary. We are already salivating, especially since this mini-thriller is served by a five-star cast, Sienna Miller, Rupert Friend, Michelle Dockery and Naomi Scott.

Heirs of the Earth (April 15, season 1)

If you like historical series, The Heirs of the Earth should then quickly become your new attraction. The Spanish series plunges us into the heart of the 14th century, in Barcelona in the middle of the Middle Ages. Hugo Llor dreams of becoming a shipbuilding craftsman. But he will have a hard time dealing with the powerful Puig family, which has a place of choice with the king, aspires to develop its revenge with Hugo’s mentor. The series promises tasty moments of confrontation thanks to an enticing plot. Eight episodes will be available from Friday April 15, perfect to occupy your weekend.


Me, tamed? (April 13)

We grant it to you, the title Me, tamed? is not the most remarkable. However, don’t be fooled by its simplistic title. For the softer marshmallow-hearted among us, this Polish rom-com should brighten up your spring afternoons. ” When a heartbroken scientist returns home to start afresh, her plotting brother hires a handsome stranger to convince her to sell their land. ‚Äúsays the summary of the platform. Change of scenery guaranteed.

Choose or Die (April 15)

It’s true, we are still far from the month of October and its usual jitters. So, with a little (a lot) in advance and also because the spring holidays are slowly pointing the tip of their nose, we invite you to discover choose or die. A real attraction for the youngest, the horror genre is tending to develop at Netflix. choose or die recounts the ordeal of a young coder who, after restarting a video game from the 1980s, unwittingly triggers a curse that forces her to make difficult choices. Directed by Toby Meakins, the film features the young Asa Butterfield well known to fans of Sex education. Ready for the big thrill?

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