Sonic 2 breaks the house, in front of Morbius and Ambulance

Sonic 2 arrives in cinemas and is well ahead of Morbius and Ambulance.

After the success of a first part which had cost 85 million dollars and cumulated 319 million in the world, the franchise Sonic signs a return with great fanfare to the cinema with a sequel which has just landed in American theaters. The New Adventures of the Blue Hedgehog is estimated to have garnered $71 million in its first weekend of operation.

That’s 13 million more than sonic the movie which started at 58 million in 2020 and has since held the title of most beautiful opening for a big-screen video game adaptation. A record broken by the new feature film directed by Jeff Fowler, which therefore signs the second best US start for a film released in 2022, behind that of The Batmanbut before that ofUnexplored.

Thus, in just three days of operation, the very average blockbuster has already imposed itself on the fourth place of the best scores of 2022 – also boosting U.S. movie theater receipts by more than 50% this week.

Rear Sonic 2the abyssal Morbius would have collected $ 10.2 million in recent days, or 73.3% less revenue compared to last week. A monstrous fall for the blockbuster super-villain directed by Daniel Espinosa, who then broke the record of the biggest revenue drop for a second weekend of operation of an adaptation of comics to the cinema – ahead of that of X-Men: Dark Phoenix (-71.5%) and The Suicide Squad (-71.5%).

The feature film will therefore have difficulty in reimbursing at the domestic box office its nevertheless low – for a blockbuster of this type – budget of around 75 million dollars. In third place for the best scores of the week, we find The Secret of the Lost City. According to estimates, the adventure comedy with Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock would have accumulated more than 9 million dollars in recent days, thus accumulating 69 million in three weeks of operation.

The feature film therefore continues its course quietly, despite an alloy of theaters amputated by 486 cinemas, room left for the two big novelties of the week, Morbius and Ambulance.

When you realize people went to Sonic and not Ambulance

But if the pseudo vampire film does not seem to have a good day in the dark rooms, it is unfortunately the same for the explosive new feature film by Michael Bay. Indeed, after a timid arrival in French cinemas, Ambulance doesn’t seem to be doing much better in the US with an $8.7 million start. A bitter failure for the director of the saga Transformers who signs here the worst start of his career.

In last place in the top 5 of the week, we find the mastodon The Batman. The feature film directed by Matt Reeves also lost more than 470 cinemas in this sixth week of operation, seeing its receipts fall by more than 40% compared to last weekend. In recent days, Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight has therefore surpassed the symbolic threshold of 350 million dollars accumulated at the domestic box office.

Everything Everywhere Everything at once: photo, Michelle YeohThe tantalizing new delirium of the Daniels

At the gates of the top 5, we find the new production of the A24 studio: Everything everywhere all at once. The film directed by Daniel Scheinert and Dan Kwan sees the success of its limited release swell with its exploitation on a national scale, almost rivaling the figures of The Batman (more than 6 million for the first, 6.5 million for the second) with half as many cinemas.

The new creation from the directors of Swiss army man even wins against the blockbusters that have woken up screens around the world in recent months: Unexplored and Spider-Man: No Coming Home. The two Sony behemoths both continue on their way, nevertheless losing around 700 cinemas each. In addition, the first leaves the top 5 with more than 142 million dollars collected since the beginning of its exploitation, remaining to this day the second highest grossing US box office of 2022.

PhotoA24 supremacy

In the department of sad news, the new feature film directed by Ti West, Xsees its figures crumble in the face of competition with an 88.7% drop in revenue compared to last week. The horrific trip to the Chainsaw Massacre also loses more than 1,000 rooms these days, proof of the breathlessness of its exploitation.

The month of April is loaded with blockbusters since next Friday the 15th, the third part of the saga will land on American soil. Fantastic Beastsentitled Dumbledore’s Secrets. Remember that the previous film had been a financial disappointment for Warner, and that the promotion of this third opus was quite incredible. But let us remain hopeful, according to American critics, Dumbledore’s Secrets will be more successful than The Crimes of Grindelwald

note that the feature film has already been released in 22 territories and has already raised $58 million. A nice jackpot, to be recontextualized given the disappointing scores in China and the United Kingdom.

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