The Maple Leafs asked a young CH fan (injured) to leave the arena

Damn that there are people who lack judgment in life. Some had gone to the toilet when baby jesus distributed common sense to people.

Salutations to my grandmother for these few words.

There is clearly (at least) one Maple Leafs employee who does not overflow good judgmentlet’s say…

Saturday evening, during the warm-up period preceding the duel Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs in Toronto, Nick Suzuki went into the stands to give one of his sticks to a young CH fan. He also gave him an autograph, in addition to taking a picture with him.

It’s not the first time this season that we’ve seen Suzuki or Cole Caufield interact with fans during the warm up. Costs!

The father of the youngster in question wanted to thank Suzuki and the Canadian for this gesture… explaining by the very fact that if Suzuki went to the stands, it was because the little Hunter injured his lip. when Suzuki sent him a puck beforehand. He couldn’t catch it, probably too stressed.

Why was I talking about good judgment and of common sense in introduction? Because arena employees forbade the family from having a stick inside.

“We had to leave the meeting because the stick was not allowed […] It was sort of brutal, they said it was considered a weapon. Poor little boy who had a swollen lip and wouldn’t let go of his stick. So we returned to the hotel. – Steven Beauparlant, father of little Hunter


I can understand that people are forbidden to enter the arena with hockey sticks…

But from there to get out a child who has just received one from his idol following a (small) injury? Not at all!

We can think that the family, being close to the band during the warm-up period, had spent a small fortune for their evening (hotel, tickets, restaurants, travel, etc.).

The employees of the Toronto arena could have offered the family to keep the stick on the ground until the end of the meeting…

Or their to takethen give them back at the end of the game.

As the Barron said so well at the time on the airwaves of RDS: Not loud, boss!

Would it have been any different if it had been a young Maple Leafs fan and an Auston Matthews stick? The question needs to be asked.

Note that the Canadian is currently studying and analyzing the situation.

Will we file a complaint with the NHL? To the Maple Leafs?

Will the family be offered great tickets to a game at the Bell Centre? I’m pretty sure Chantal Machabée is on the case and will come up with a fantastic idea over the next few hours. If it is not done yet…

To be continued.

A lot of

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