“The Mexican Army” pays tribute to Rachid Taha

As part of the exhibition ” Algeria my love »a concert is scheduled for Thursday April 14, 2022 at the IMA in tribute to a great name in rock and funk music, Rachid Taha, who died of a heart attack at the age of 59.

A column by Fabienne Touma

I am an alternative Quran. » Rachid Taha in hat, flowered shirt, everything else in black leather, was born in Oran, he was young in the Vosges, then in the suburbs of Lyon. And the daily “Le Monde” thus greeted, during his disappearance in 2018, this artist who embodied a whole generation from the cursed cities of the Republic: “One day a troublemaker, always a troublemaker. Loose hair, budding beard and full glasses, Rachid Taha lives at 20and arrondissement of Paris, like rehabilitated warehouses and iron gates. The local café exhibits portraits of Mao and Eminem screen-printed by a distant disciple of Warhol”.

“The Mexican army” was formed just months after the untimely death of the Franco-Algerian artist. This group is an association of musicians, composers and singers who come together to reinterpret the hits of their friends and their “boss”. In the program Ya Rayah, Rock el Casbah, Nokta, it’s now or neverto Zoom on Oum and Bent Sahra, Barra Barra, Garab… Bref, all the titles that trace the eclecticism of his tastes: raï and chaâbi, these popular music from Oranie and Algiers, but also techno, rock, funk…

However, on the eve of a French Presidential election where the extreme right meets more than a third of the votes, the “Mexican army” is mobilized for this evening organized in his memory on April 14 at the Institute of the Arab World. We will meet Sofiane Saïdi (vocals), Catherine Ringer (vocals), Samira Brahmia (vocals), Flèche Love (vocals), Franck Mantegari (percussions), Hakim Hamadouche (mandoluth and vocals), Idris Badarou (bass and backing vocals), Kenzi Bourras (keyboards and backing vocals), Yan Péchin (guitar) and Slimane Dazi (spoken word)

“Residence card”!

Using music as a tool of communication and expression, the musician pleads for the integration and tolerance of immigrant populations through. His group: Residence permit. the name embodies his commitment. But he also sings for the hundreds of thousands of French workers transferred against their will for the Compulsory Labor Service during the occupation of France by the Nazis. The group, on this occasion, resumes

Algerian, he remains attached to his origins. French, Rachid Taha covers the song ” Sweet France “by Charles Trenet.. The artist sings both in Arabic and in French, a pioneer in the art of bringing together the rhythms of oriental music with that of rock and funk

The rocker enriches his musical career by collaborating with Khaled and Faudel, but also by singing Claude François and Charles Trenet. It pays tribute to several international artists, such as Elvis Presley and Oum Khalthoum. The Egyptian star was a particular influence for him since he first learned to speak and write Arabic, in particular by listening to his songs. However, he does not forget his Chaâbi influences (Dahmane El Harrachi, Hadji El Anka, Akli Yahyaten, Nass El Ghiwane, Farid El Atrache, Cheikha Remitti, etc.).

Sweet France

More than four years after his death, Rachid Taha is still present in the collective memory and remains one of the emblematic figures of music, more precisely at the level of Arab rock. Not only “the Mexican army” continues this tribute to their friends and to the artist that was Rachid Taha, but also an exhibition is proposed at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, the exhibition “Douce France. From the music of exile to urban cultures”.

A nice nod to the cover of Charles Trenet’s song by Rachid Taha.


Thursday April 14 at 9 p.m.
Full price: €20 | Reduced price: €16 | Youth rate: €12


The IMA invites the Mexican Army. Association of musicians, composers and singers who came together in formation after the premature death of Rachid Taha, the Mexican Army will pay him a family, fraternal and moving tribute, Ya Rayah, Rock el Casbah, Nokta, it’s now or neverto Zoom on Oum and Ben Sahra, Passing by Bar Bar Where garab.

Night of Ramadan Rachid Taha

Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 April 2022 from 10:30 p.m.
Full price: €15 | Reduced price: €13 | Youth rate: €11


Rachid Taha and Residence permit, Zebda, Controlled origins, but also beurs, exile and immigration, suburbs, cabarets or Barbès… These are the themes addressed in this night of cinema, organized within the framework of events linked to Algeria programmed throughout throughout the year.
A suhour (breakfast before sunrise) will be offered at the end of this festive night.

The temporary exhibition is open until May 8, 2022.

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