The world of music in mourning, he joined the stars

In this article, we will come back to an old concept of music called ” Yes“. This one was created in 1963 by Edgar Morin. This word literally means ” we are young “. One thing is certain, he was a milestone in the world of music and a turning point in society, that’s obvious. Recently, a member of this movement has just joined the stars. We reveal his identity to you.

The world of music loses a figure of the yéyé generation

The yé-yé is a current of music that was born in the 1960s. This is the era of Baby-boomer youth born after the Second World War. The singers of this movement use Anglo-Saxon successes, translate them and redo a French version. Johnny Hallyday and Françoise Hardy made the glory of this yéyé movement, but it is far from being the only ones. It is also the period of renewal and changes in all areas, especially in terms of fashion.

Indeed, tights will replace garter belts, we forget the bra and the mini-skirt makes its appearance. Women journalists are re-educating men and they are making their mark in society. Even if the yéyé music was ephemeral, it marked the spirits. Very quickly, in 1964, it will be replaced by the Protest Song by Joan Baez and Bob Dylan or even English groups, the Beatles, the Stones, the Who.

The yéyé movement of short duration, but which we still remember!

Yé-yé music will disappear, but not this generation of Baby Boomers. It is thanks to these people of this time that in 1968, individual freedom will appear. Then, it will be the fashion of the hippies with their rejection of the consumer world. The latter must be turning in their graves when they see the capitalist world, the agri-food industry or even global warming… They also repressed the United States and all that it represents because of the war in Vietnam. This month of March 2022, a personality from this yéyé era died. This sad announcement has upset the world of music as well as many artists.

The passion for music between two men

The deceased is Pierre Papadiamandis. The artist wrote the songs as The last session or Water mint color, performed by Eddy Mitchell. Moreover, it has always been the faithful composer of Eddy Mitchell. Well, the 85-year-old left the music business on Tuesday, March 22.

For two years, the French composer and pianist of Greek origin will collaborate on stage with Eddy Mitchell. In 1966, Pierre Papadiamandis offered him a new song entitled I forgot to forget itwe learn in the archives of the Sacem. It will be the first melody that will unite the two men and their collaboration will last more than 50 years. A beautiful story of friendship and common passion.

The list of his successes is long.

Then, many other music titles will follow and will make the success of the singer Eddy Mitchell. Indeed, in the classics, we can cite The crooner, It’s easy, The last session, Mint color, The cemetery of the elephants, Like when I was a kid and also A portrait of Norman Rockwell.

If you didn’t know, Pierre Papadiamandis also composed for Michel Delpech, the song That Marianne was pretty. In addition, he also collaborated with the greatest of his time such as Ray Charles, Françoise Hardy, Celine Dion and even Grace Jones.

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