“This album is the soundtrack of our time”

Entitled MotomamiRosalia’s third disc, released on March 18, is the association of motorcycle and “mami”, which means “girl”. On the cover, Rosalia poses almost naked and disheveled with a motorcycle helmet. Heterogeneous, this new opus is composed of short or long pieces, very synthetic pieces with a lot of vocoder, others on the contrary more acoustic with a brass section. Titles that look towards reggaeton, others towards Latin folklore, some with catchy rhythms or on the contrary soft like ballads.

Rosalia was born in 1992, near Barcelona. Passed very young by a local TV show crochet, she studied flamenco, dance and singing. She released her first album in 2017, Angels, recorded in Spain, which is his album closest to the flamenco tradition. His second album The bad willreleased in 2018, was immediately a huge international success, in which she mixed flamenco, pop, and RnB. A recipe considered very convincing by both critics and the general public.

With this new album, Rosalia, once again, revolutionizes mainstream pop, combining everything at once: pop diva, flamenco singer, or even drag queen.

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Olivier Lamm, journalist and critic at Liberation: “Rosalia is the greatest inventor in pop today”

For Olivier Lamm, her status as a world-famous pop artist is particularly fascinating because she is European and sings in Spanish. When we look at her clips, and her way of communicating on social networks, Rosalia seems to be a popstar like the others, like Beyoncé or Rihanna. But the Catalan singer blurs the boundaries, and since her second album in 2019, constantly shifts lines and conventions:

It’s a great voice, it’s a body, an incarnation. You could say it’s someone like Beyoncé. But it’s not that ! The last piece of the album in which she sings alone and accompanies herself on the organ. And that’s first of all Rosalia, she’s a musician at the piano. And what is troubling is that she absolutely wants to do something new. She carries a kind of revolution in this album, even more than on the previous El Mal Querer which was really the emblem of a fusion between flamenco and electronic music, which is extra-American, which sings only in Spanish , which can afford all the audacity. We have entered a new century of pop, which she embodies perfectly.

Rosalia is once again revolutionizing pop with her new album “Motomami”

Credits: Daniel Sannwald / Columbia Records / Sony Music / 2022

One of the particularities of her music, and her latest album in particular, is that Rosalia fuses flamenco with reggaeton and electronic music. In 2019, the singer composed a piece in collaboration with J. Balvin, with heightwho changed the face of reggaeton, and allowed this music to return to Spain: “Even if it is frowned upon politically, it has allowed this impressive back and forth between Spain and its former colonies. We can criticize this new album for its zapping side, say that it goes too fast. But I would find it a shame to ignore it when you see the deep boredom produced by a large part of pop today. With Motomami*, Rosalia plays the popstar. And as she says herself, she can move on afterwards, she has the means. Artistically, she is growing at an impressive rate.*”

Contrary to ill will, Motomami is not a flamenco record, there is also a very rap side, which anchors in a contemporaneity, and a constant experimentation: “Cohesion in what it claims, in what it produces, in a pop mainstream context, is ultimate.”

Christophe Conte, music critic and documentary filmmaker: “This record is full of contradictions, like our times”

Rosalia belongs to this tradition of iconoclastic singers, like Björk, Missy Elliott or even MIA, these women who have embraced the music of the new century:

There is a real gluttony about her, wanting to manipulate everything, sometimes quite dazzlingly, other times in a slightly easier way, with reggaeton, for example. Me, personally, I have a little trouble. I already had a little trouble with flamenco at the time of the second album. But there, the two mixed, it’s a bit hard. It’s full of contradictions, but the times are also contradictory. You can no longer be a singer behind a piano, it no longer makes sense. And then, you also have to meet all the requirements for images, clips, featuring with famous people. Rosalia is part of a larger nebula. The world of music is like that and the world, in absolute terms, is like that. And it really fits that era.”

Rosalia in concert, in December 2019, the year of the release of her second album "The bad will"
Rosalia in concert, in December 2019, the year of the release of her second album “El Mal Querer”

Credits: Xavi Torrent / Redferns


Motomami is a multi-faceted disc, which goes from rooster to donkey all the time, with playful pieces, or more experimental things, sometimes luminous melodies, other times, outrageous, even outrageous singing: “There is something almost transgenic in this music, whereas it starts from a music which really has its feet anchored in the ground, from a traditional and naturalistic music like flamenco. And little by little, she follows a path of which she does not even know the cadastre. Once again, it’s a record of our time. We can not find more representative of the time in which we live. By listening to this disc, we have a mirror of it. And for those who love that era, this is the perfect soundtrack.”

And now it’s up to you to make up your own mind!

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