Visitors on TF1: 10 details hidden in the film

While “Les Visiteurs” is broadcast this evening on TF1, a look back at all the little winks that should not be missed in the famous comedy by Jean-Marie Poiré carried by Christian Clavier, Jean Reno and Valérie Lemercier.

References, cameos, little winks or hidden details… A look back at Les Visiteurs – famous comedy by Jean-Marie Poiré, in which Godefroy le Bold and Jacquouille la Rogue travel from the 12th century to the 1990s – and on all the easter eggs inside.

Egyptian formula


At the beginning of the film, when the mage Eusebius pronounces his magic formula to send Godfrey and Jacquouille into the “corridors of time”, he seems to invoke divinities from ancient Egypt. Indeed, the incantation can be translated thus: “By Horus and by Ra, and by the unconquered sun…”

Crystal and purine


Just before leaving in the future, Godefroy and Jacquouille undergo a horrible transformation, but do not end up in exactly the same state. Indeed, while the lord portrayed by Jean Reno turns into a crystal statue, the peasant played by Christian Clavier shrivels up in a small pile of manure. Could this be a way of caricaturing the huge gap in situation that exists between the two characters?

on the grill


When Godefroy and Jacquouille landed in the early 90s and tried to steal a piece of meat to sustain themselves after their trip, the restaurant in which they caused a scandal belonged to the famous Courtepaille chain. It is more precisely the establishment located in Cergy, which has since been closed.

Telecom Calendar


As can be seen by observing the calendar which is posted on the wall of the presbytery, just behind the priest, Godefroy and Jacquouille landed exactly on Tuesday, October 21, 1992.

From “Girls Next Door” to “Visitors”


Viewers who grew up with AB Productions series in the 80s may have recognized this. One of the nurses who accompany Godefroy when Béatrice picks him up from the hospital is played by Gérard Vives, notably known for having played the bodybuilder gym teacher Gérard Nacutel in the series Girls Next Door.

Producers AND doctors


Alain Terzian and Patrice Ledoux, the two producers of Visitorsare entitled to a little wink in the film, in the scene where Béatrice comes to fetch Godefroy from the hospital. Indeed, hung on the wall of the establishment, we can read two signs indicating the way to the service of Dr. A. Terzian and Pr. P. Ledoux.

Inspired by comics


As he had revealed in an interview for Evening Mag in 2018, Christian Keyboard was greatly inspired by a comic book hero that he particularly liked to compose the character of Jacquouille the Rogue: the friendly Peewit, Johan’s adventure companion in a series of albums signed Peyo (the creator of the Smurfs) .

This endearing little character, good-natured and joker, protagonist of thrilling medieval adventures, indeed shares some points in common with Jacquouille.

Jean-Pierre doesn’t like photos


During the famous scene where Jacquouille discovers the joys of the telephone, we can see a photo of Jean-Pierre, Béatrice’s husband played by Christian Bujeau. On the framed photo, the dentist seems to beg his wife not to photograph him. A request that the countess therefore obviously chose to ignore.



The song that can be heard in the background when Jaquouille and Ginette are bowling is “Passion For War / Love” by Joan Paladin. It is quite simply the credits of Operation Corned Beef, released two years before Visitorsand which already united Jean Reno, Christian Keyboard and Valérie Lemercier under the leadership of Jean-Marie Poire.



Jean-Marie Poiredirector of the film (also known for having signed Grandpa makes resistance or even My best friends) makes a small appearance in the final sequence of Visitors. Grimé as a peasant, he is part of the very unpleasant welcoming committee of Jaquart, when the latter arrives in the Middle Ages.

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