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The health of our microbiota depends in particular on our diet, in part thanks to fibre. But would it be possible to modulate the composition of the microbiota to improve its health? Scientists from INRAE ​​and the Center for Research in Nutrition (Nutrition (from the Latin nutrire: to nourish) designates the processes by which a being…) Humane (CRNH) Rhône-Alpes, in collaboration with Bridor, have developed a special bread, enriched with different fibres, and have studied its effect on the microbiota (Microbiota is a new name for microflora.) of patients who consumed it for eight weeks. The results lead to the conclusion that the rate of cholesterol (Cholesterol is a lipid from the sterol family that plays a central role in…) and sensitivity toinsulin (Insulin (from the Latin insula, island) is a peptide hormone secreted by the…)with in parallel a modulation of the composition of the microbiota. A tool (A tool is a finalized object used by a living being in order to increase its…) simple and affordable nutritional supplement, the results of which appeared in the journal Gut Microbes.

Improving your health and your intestinal microbiota: an update indicate (graphics) a special bread rich in diversified fibers
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In subjects at cardiometabolic risk, the daily consumption of bread whose composition is enriched with fiber (A fiber is an elementary formation, vegetable or animal, of filamentous aspect, se…) diversified cells modify the composition of the intestinal microbiota and improve their metabolic profile.

Certain cardiometabolic risk factors1, such as adiposity or insulin resistance are known to be associated with an impoverished intestinal microbiota, due in particular to a low dietary fiber intake. The quantity (The quantity is a generic term of metrology (account, amount); a scalar,…) of fibers is not the only important factor, their quality and diversity are everything (The whole understood as the whole of what exists is often interpreted as the world or…) also essential. But then, is it possible to enrich your microbiota by modulating your fiber intake?

It is to answer this question that the project (A project is an irreversible commitment of uncertain result, not reproducible to…) BREATH was launched. Scientists from INRAE ​​and the Center for Research (Scientific research designates in the first place all the actions undertaken with a view to…) in Human Nutrition (CRNH) Rhône-Alpes are working there in close collaboration with the manufacturer of premium frozen bakery products Bridor.

In this study, conducted between July 2017 and July 2018, researchers increased the amount and diversity of dietary fiber consumed, Going through a multifibre bread (see box), in 39 subjects at cardiometabolic risk. They then studied the induced effects of this consumption on the one hand on the intestinal microbiota, on the other hand on the cardiometabolic profile of the volunteers.

Their results are encouraging: the daily consumption of 150 g of multifiber bread for eight weeks doubles the daily fiber intake, and modifies the composition and functions of the intestinal microbiota. The abundance of some potentially anti-inflammatory bacterial species has increased, in particular Parabacteroides distasonis whose abundance is multiplied by 8 in mean (The average is a statistical measure characterizing the elements of a set of…) with multi-fiber bread. The ability of the gut microbiota to break down dominant dietary fibers is also modulated. The researchers also note an improvement in lipid profiles (cholesterol total (Total is the quality of complete, without exception. From an accounting point of view, a…) (- 0.42 mmol/L) and LDL cholesterol (- 0.36 mmol/L) and insulin sensitivity (improved by more than 20%), significant for reducing cardiometabolic risk.

Only multifiber bread is able to modulate the composition of the intestinal microbiota. It acts in stimulating (A stimulant is a substance that increases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system…) from bacteria (Bacteria (Bacteria) are prokaryotic unicellular living organisms, characterized…) which degrade dietary fibres, some of which may exert protective functions, taking precedence over other inflammatory species.

Increasing the diversity of dietary fibers consumed by using a simple and affordable nutritional tool such as this multifiber bread, could thus be a relevant nutritional approach to improve the cardiometabolic profile in subjects at risk.

To note:
1 – Risk factors that increase the probability (Probability (from the Latin probabilitas) is an assessment of the probable character of a…) of having a stroke or developing diabetes (Diabetes has several forms, all of which have abundant urine in common…).

Custom bread!

To obtain these results, a long phase (The word phase can have several meanings, it is used in several fields and…) reflection and discussion was conducted between INRAE ​​microbiota specialists, clinical investigation specialists (CRNH Rhône-Alpes) and experts in the manufacture of bakery products (BRIDOR). The actors then ended up producing two breads with an identical structure, one of which, the multifibre bread, was particularly enriched with a mixed (A mixture is an association of two or more solid, liquid or gaseous substances…) of 7 previously selected fiber sources. They then carried out a clinical study with very high quality standards (randomized double-blind cross-over trial against placebo) in 39 subjects at cardiometabolic risk with analyzes of the microbiota and metabolic parameters before and after intervention.

Harimalala Ranaivo, Florence (Florence (in Italian Firenze) is a city in Italy, capital of the region of Tuscany and…) Thirion, Christel Béra-Maillet, Susie Guilly, Chantal Simon, Monique Sothier, Laurie Van Den Berghe, Nathalie Feugier-Favier, Stéphanie Lambert-Porcheron, Isabelle Dussous, Loïc Roger, Hugo Roume, Nathalie Galleron, Nicolas Pons, Emmanuelle Le Chatelier, Stanislav Dusko Ehrlich, Martine Laville, Joël Doré & Julie-Anne Nazare (2022) Increasing the diversity of dietary fibers in a bread consumed daily modifies the intestinal microbiota and the metabolic profile in subjects at cardiometabolic riskGood Microbes, 14:1, DOI: 10.1080/19490976.2022.2044722

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