3rd link: Quebec plans to build two tunnels rather than one

The government will present a revised version of its project to the public on Thursday afternoon at the Lévis Convention Center. This will obviously have fewer traffic lanes than the original project. Still according to our information, the bill will drop below the 7 billion dollar mark.

The first version of the project, presented last spring, envisaged a single tunnel with six lanes on two floors. The astronomical costs, estimated at 10 billion dollars, had caused discontent towards the project.

An early version of the tunnel provided for two floors with a total of six traffic lanes, two of which were reserved for public transport. (Archives)

Photo: Government of Quebec

A less risky project

If it materializes, this new version of the project would be much less risky than the first according to Bruno Massicotte, full professor in the Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering at Polytechnique Montréal.

According to him, the diameter of the tunnel was the main problem of the initial project. It would have been necessary to build a tunnel boring machine of an unequaled size.

It would have been the biggest tunnel in the world, underlines Bruno Massicotte in an interview on the show It’s even better in the afternoon. The bigger it is, the fewer companies there are that can do it, and the more it will cost.

Tunnels with two interconnected parallel tubes have, in his opinion, several advantages. In addition to lower construction costs, this type of construction is also preferable for the intervention of first responders.

The expert is still convinced that a bridge is preferable to a tunnel.

I think it’s up to the government to demonstrate that it’s the right link in the right placehe said.

The project presented to the mayors

Transport Minister François Bonnardel met with the mayors of Lévis and Québec on Tuesday morning to present the new version of the project.

The two elected officials were stingy with comments at the end of this meeting, preferring to leave it to the government to present its project to the population.

My goal is to respect the ministersimply said the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand.

Gilles Lehouillier, who enthusiastically supports the project of the Future Quebec Coalitionwas visibly satisfied with this presentation.

I liked what I sawhe told reporters. It’s a wonderful project. This is a project for the future for public transport. We will eliminate once and for all the horseshoe between the two shores.

Without revealing details, he says he believes the government is keeping its original concept with the aim of improving highways and public transit.

With information from Pierre-Alexandre Bolduc and Louise Boisvert

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