Afravih 2022: the summary

The Call of Marseilles

On the occasion of the 11th international francophone conference Afravih 2022, the organizers of this event and Coalition PLUS have joined forces to launch an Appeal to politicians and the international community. Its objective is to mobilize “all the means necessary to make sexual health a universal right distinct from reproductive health”. For the initiators of this call, the text aims to affirm that “the deployment of a sexual health offer must be supported politically and supported financially because it is the pillar of better access to care for all, in particularly through the community health system”.
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Hear us!

“Hear us! Hear us! Hear us! Fatou, Amanda, Emmanuel, Fanta, Habib, Keny, Adjovi, Tatiana, Dieu-Donné, Patrick “… The activists of the Grandir Ensemble network (pediatric HIV Africa) took over the stage and pronounce the names of deceased children and young people -es as a result of AIDS. This is the highlight of the opening ceremony of Afravih 2022, the largest French-speaking international conference on HIV, hepatitis and sexual health. We are Wednesday, April 6, 2022 at the Palais des Congrès in Parc Chanot in Marseille. After a 100% virtual edition in November 2020 due to the health crisis linked to Covid-19, the conference returns for an eleventh edition in face-to-face format in Marseille. Grandir Ensemble is a network of eighteen organizations in eleven African countries. Its goal is to fight for the end of the HIV epidemic among children, adolescents and young people in West and Central Africa and Djibouti.
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Global Fund: France must pay!

“AIDS, we are dying! Indifference remains! AIDS, we die! France must be on time”, is the cry of indignation of the activists of AIDES and Coalition PLUS who gathered on Thursday April 7, 2022 around 6 p.m. in Marseille under the giant shade-mirror , this monument with a futuristic science-fiction design planted in the middle of the Old Port. They carry placards with a message: “Global Fund. To put an end to AIDS, France must pay”. The same message is displayed on a giant banner unrolled by activists. One follows in the and a minute of silence in front of the taken aback passers-by. The moment is solemn and the stakes are high three days before the first round of the presidential elections. Indeed, on the occasion of Afravih, AIDES decided to submit a request for an increase in the French contribution of 50%, i.e. two billion euros, to the Global Fund to fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The Fund’s seventh replenishment cycle will take place in September in New York. “During the minute of silence we just observed, three people became infected with HIV and one person died. We can stop this carnage, we just have to put the means”, explains Camille Spire, president of AIDES.
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Community health: “we are the fight”!

It’s hard not to preach for your parish, but we have to admit that the Coalition PLUS symposium shone with its clarity, its inspiring speeches and the powerful recommendations it made. Moderated by Dr. Bintou Dembele, administrator of Coalition PLUS and director of Arcad Santé in Mali, the symposium begins with a presentation of the genesis of sexual health in Mali by Bintou Dembele herself. “There were enormous needs for a forgotten population,” she explains. For the activist, the sexual health offer must be based on three pillars: a holistic approach, the defense of human rights in a secure space and a community approach closer to people’s needs.
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Health Innovations for All

Innovation is not only technological, it is social and societal. There are issues of equitable access, and these accesses are renewed over time, as the Covid-19 crisis has shown. Professor Éric Delaporte (Montpellier University Hospital) presented a clinical trial on dolutegravir. Presented as the “miracle pill” in studies carried out in the North, due to the pool of participants (men, good health). The studies carried out with the ANRS ǀ MIE in the South, with an active file of women at an advanced stage of the disease, qualify the existing data on efficacy and adverse effects never shown, such as weight gain. These data have made it possible to adapt the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Accompanied scale-up abroad is essential in the introduction of key health products.
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