By-election in Marie-Victorin: cruel defeat for the PQ

The PQ castle of Marie-Victorin fell into the hands of the Coalition Avenir Québec, Monday evening, following a close battle in this partial which ended in the cruel defeat of the sovereigntist troops.

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The fortress held by the PQ since 1985 did not hold up against the CAQ charge and its candidate Shirley Dorismond who won with 35% of the vote.

The atmosphere was quite different on the side of the CAQ, where the new MP Shirley Dorismond celebrated with François Legault.

Photo QMI Agency, Thierry Laforce

The atmosphere was quite different on the side of the CAQ, where the new MP Shirley Dorismond celebrated with François Legault.

She thus succeeds the Mayor of Longueuil Catherine Fournier. The CAQ has also pulled out all the stops to get the vote out.

Second, the PQ received 30% of the vote. After the unveiling of the results, a funeral atmosphere quickly invaded the Saint-Hubert of Place Longueuil where the PQ gathering was located.

The troops regained strength with the appearance of the leader. “It’s only a postponement,” said Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, who described his team’s performance as “solid”.

With his team, however, he failed to stop the bleeding and slow the decline of his party. The leader believes that his party could not defend itself on an equal footing due to the presence of many khaki ministers during the campaign.

The PQ had, however, bet on the star candidate Pierre Nantel. Well known in the community, the former federal elected official bit into the dust.

“We heated the CAQ (…) The tide has not turned on our side,” said Mr. Nantel, who will be present in October to take his revenge and reverse the trend. “When we get to 5% of the winner and clearly we have double the party below us. So it’s going well, ”said Mr. Nantel.

A happy boss

Almost the entire squad caucus was on the field Monday to get the vote out. However, despite the pandemic fatigue, the party failed to defend its territory. The first electoral test for PQ leader, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, nevertheless ended in failure.

Less than five months before the general election, the leader does not intend to give up.

“There will be an alternative to the Coalition Avenir Québec,” he promised. “Compared to what we were told six months ago, this is an excellent performance. It puts us in a margin where we will prepare for a victory. »

MP Pascal Bérubé believes that the PQ achieved the same performance as in the last election, but that part of the Liberal vote was transferred to the CAQ.

Only 36% of the 45,000 voters registered on the electoral list turned up at the polls.

PCQ on the rise

Solidarity managed to maintain their 3rd place in the county with 14.3% of the vote. But one of the surprises is the performance of Éric Duhaime’s Conservative Party. Its candidate, actress Anne Casabonne, won more than 10.4% of the vote.

This result seems to demonstrate, a few months before the election, that the appetite for the Conservatives now goes beyond the limits of the Quebec region alone.

The last time the Conservatives presented a candidate in this county, in 2016 during a partial, he had collected only 0.7%.

It is also a hard setback for Dominique Anglade and the Liberals who finished 5th with less than 7% of the vote.

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