My opinion on Sonic 2 the movie

Direct sequel to one of the last blockbusters before the health crisis takes effect in early 2020, here is my opinion on the movie Sonic 2 released on March 30, 2022 with us.

For my part, I had a good time in front of this Sonic 2. However, I find that it is between two chairs. If we take it as a pure Sonic product, then it ticks all the boxes and the terms of fan service, Easter eggs (man) and fulfills its entertainment role very well. But if we take it as a film, disregarding everything related to the blue hedgehog, there it is very imperfect.

In terms visual effects to begin with, I found it very unequal. Some go pretty well like the fight scenes between the two rivals, and the fight against the final boss. Others are downright dated like the avalanche sequence, and lead me to believe that 2 years with a health crisis in the middle, and a larger budget, were not enough. Overall, I found the first movie more impressive. Without forgetting that it was in this same film that Sonic had totally changed his appearance for the common good.

Another point that bothered me was his humor still just as childish, even stupid. It had already taken me a bit out of the first film and here it’s the same or almost. There it is sure, we are well faced with a series of films as much intended for the youngest as for the fans of the hedgehog. Certainly it is relevant if we place ourselves on the side of the producers to reach as wide an audience as possible. But the problem is that we no longer know who this film is really aimed at. I still hope that this teenage version of Sonic eventually matures at some point.

sonic heroes

Regarding the “newcomers”, the film first introduces Joins. Coming straight from the game Sonic 3 on Megadrive, and which for me is best movie character. Hotheaded but brave, making his fists speak before his head, I really appreciated his story and the various more or less muscular exchanges against a Sonic who finally has a rival at his height. Besides a series centered on this echidna is under construction.

The other oh so important character in the Sonic universe is Tails. The hedgehog’s best friend and his faithful sidekick since the second opus on Megadrive. Both form a good pair and their friendship bursts the screen. He too will be entitled to his own adventures but in the form of a film this time.

As for Sonic himself, apart from his pranks mentioned above, it’s still a pleasure to see him speeding along under a deluge of special effects which reaches its climax during a certain final transformation. And thanks again to Paramount for opting for a design more faithful to the original games. There is no doubt that if the humanoid Sonic had been preserved, not only would the reception have been more hostile, but above all these two films would not have been the biggest box office hits for a video game adaptation.

There is still one that I must mention and appearing at the very end. To me it’s half a surprise in the sense that it seemed unthinkable to me to make a series of films on Sonic without including one of the most popular characters of the license. It remains to be seen how they will integrate it into the scenario because in the game where it appears for the very first time, the context is very serious, even dramatic. And given the tone of the latest movies, I’m afraid that waters down the whole thing.


Regarding the casting, I found the‘Eggman from jim carrey better than in the previous film. First by his watch closer to video games with his egg head, his shaved head, his red jacket, and his unconventional mustache so characteristic. And also by the fact that he remains much more threatening because he is no longer a danger just for Sonic, but for the whole world. I still enjoy his acting so much. and his constant sarcasm. We feel that he is having fun in the role and it’s nice to see.

That said, the actor recently announced that he intended to retire soon from the film industry. It is therefore not certain that we will see him again as Eggman in an upcoming Sonic film.

For other human characters, their presence is far from essential. With the exception of To M and his girlfriend which are a little further back. The wedding scene apart from being a comic spring and for its plot twist, has little interest in addition to being long for nothing. In the same vein, I also include the scene in Siberia which attempts to replicate the chalet sequence in the first film less well. Without all that, the film would have won 30 mins at the counter.

Just like the 1st movie, I saw it in VO Which will have made me appreciate the good performance ofIdris Elba | inasmuch as Joints, and find Colleen O’Shaughnessey which is the regular voice of Tails since 2014 in Sonic games.


Is it a better sequel? Yes and no because it all depends on which side you are on. If you are a fan of the license or if you are a kid, all the ingredients are there so that everyone has something to eat. With numerous references and tributes to games, comics and other media. The best example being the poster of the film which takes exactly that of the game Sonic 2. And this touch of lightness and a humor that does not speak to me personally, but that the little ones will appreciate. To date, it is certainly one of the media’s most respectful film adaptations of JV.

Alas the film is very far from being perfect with scriptwriting facilities do you want some here. And an uninteresting “human” cast except for those close to Sonic and Eggman. Where the first film attempted things, here the risk-taking is almost non-existent. Hoping that the next one will rise a little more.

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