New version of the third link: Lehouillier satisfied, Merchant very discreet

At the end of a meeting with Minister Bonnardel on the new version of the third link, the mayors of Quebec and Lévis were relatively discreet even if Gilles Lehouillier did not hide his satisfaction.

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“We were presented with an interesting project. We will leave it to the government to announce it. The only thing I can confirm to you is that there will be a tunnel between the two shores,” said the mayor of Lévis, Tuesday noon, at the end of this meeting of nearly an hour.

New version of the third link: Lehouillier satisfied, Merchant very discreet

Assuring that he “liked this [qu’il] saw”, Mr. Lehouillier spoke of a “magnificent project [qui permettra] definitively eliminate the famous horseshoe between the two shores”. He confirmed that there will “definitely” be room for public transport inside the megaproject with a view to “bringing the two city centers together in 10-15 minutes”.

The latter confirmed that he will be present at the government announcement of the megaproject scheduled for Thursday afternoon. According to our information, the announcement could take place in Lévis.


Less voluble, Bruno Marchand repeated that he wanted to show “delicacy” by letting the Minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, make his announcement on Thursday before commenting on it. The mayor of Quebec did not want to say if his opinion on the third link has evolved since he learned of the new version. It is not yet known whether Mr. Marchand of Quebec will be present at Thursday’s announcement.

Saturday, The newspaper revealed that the Legault government has opted for a more modest third link project than that previously announced. The two-stage version would be discontinued. There would also be one lane less than the six initially planned and there would be “dynamic lane management” based on peak hours and permitted hours for heavy traffic.

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