Takana Zion, best African Reggae-man in France: “it’s a prize for all of Guinea…”

The reggae music artist Mouctar Soumah, known as Takana Zion, is crowned “best African Reggae-man of the year” in France. This consecration is the result of the success of his album Human Suprématie on the international market. This award ceremony called “Les Victoires du Reggae”, organized by the French site REGGAE.FR, took place last Thursday in France. During a lively press conference this Saturday, April 9, 2022, in Zion City, Coyah Prefecture, Takana Zion said he received this award with great humility while dedicating it to his compatriots, reports Guineematin. com through one of its reporters.

Mouctar Soumah, alias Takana Zion, artist

This is another consecration for Takana Zion. The artist expressed his satisfaction at having been honored internationally. “I am very honored to have received this award. It is with a lot of joy and love but also with a lot of humility because the best is yet to come. That’s not a prize for Takana, it’s a prize for all of Guinea, it’s also a prize for all the people who have participated directly or indirectly in the production of the album Human Suprématie. In all modesty, no man can claim to know how to sing more than everyone else. Music is passion, it’s love, it’s energy. So whatever you do in the world, you just have to pray that God blesses your efforts. There are people who put out an album and they win awards, but when you listen to someone else’s album, you find it’s louder than their album. There are also people who release albums that are very strong, but never win an award. For me, everything we do is with the blessing of the Lord that it takes on a certain magnitude and the support of all those who are around you and outside as well. By receiving this award, it is a way of encouraging us to redouble our efforts, to challenge ourselves and to surpass ourselves,” suggested the lucky winner.

After winning the same prize in 2011, Takana Zion is again crowned best African Reggae music artist of the year 2022. He wanted to explain the meaning of this distinction and the privileges linked to this prize. “This prize represents nothing more than to motivate an artist. We must not forget that the great singers of Reggae more than me like Alpha Blondy, like Tiken Jah also won this prize. So this price is everything for us. This prize will increase the sale of records from the album Human Suprématie on the European market and worldwide. It’s going to push a lot of people to say: well, who is this best African reggae man of this year, I’m going to buy his CD. It’s because there are at least thousands of Human Supremacy CDs that are being sold and the repercussions of that… And also you have to notify everyone that I’m registered with SACEM, that’s- that is to say at the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music since 2006. Everything that I sell as CDs, as albums in France, they bring me back to my account in Euros”, explained Takana Zion.

This distinction comes in a context of celebration of the 15 years of success of the artist with 6 albums to his credit. After this award, he aims to conquer the gold record through his international album Human Supremacy. To do so, he asks for everyone’s support. “We are in pursuit of the gold record. Why ? Because so far in Guinean urban music, no artist has won the gold record. But to get the gold disc, you have to sell 50,000 CDs. We are on that path. Today, we have sold thousands of CDs, we only have 25 or even 30 thousand CDs left to buy for Takana to have the gold record… So, you, the journalists, must support us in winning this record Golden… “

It should be noted that a giant carnival is planned in Conakry just after the month of Ramadan to celebrate this award, followed by a dinner in Zion City, in Coyah, where several personalities will be invited.

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