These films that you absolutely must watch with your children during the holidays!

Your children need distraction. Here are some movies to watch during your family Easter vacation.

Children are easily bored during the holidays. Finding a fun activity is no small feat. Watching a movie is always fun.

Watch movies with them by choosing an age-appropriate movie during your Easter vacation.

Movies in theaters during the Easter Holidays

Whether it is during the Easter Holidays or otherwise, go to movie theater is always fun. If you like watching on a giant screen, this is the place to be. Choose a movie and have fun in your chair.

Movies in theaters often match the seasons. For these Easter holidays, for example, you will find the animated film “Max and Emmy: Easter missions”. This animation tells how the two heroes and all the rabbits save the rabbit party because foxes threaten to steal the decorated eggs. A feature film which will be released on April 13.

During these Easter holidays, the adventure film “Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets” (from 10 years old) will be on the program. In theaters from April 13, this third part evokes the involvement of wizards in the Second World War. Still on the adventure side, “Sonic 2: the film” (from 8 years old) will also be available in theaters during these Easter holidays. Sonic the super-fast blue hedgehog teams up with Tails the fox to undo the power of an emerald that threatens humanity and Dr. Robotnik.

From entertainment for children are already available in theaters during the Easter holidays. “Icarus” is an animated film that tells the childhood of the hero of Greek mythology where he meets a child with the head of a bull who changes his destiny. Still in the category of activities for children, “the bad guys” (from 6 years old) and “it’s magic! » (From 3 years old) are also available in the dining room. Both are animations.

movies on streaming sites

When we talk about holidays, it also means staying at home. For these Easter holidays you can watch your movies at home on streaming sites like Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video. The comfort of your home will make your family time enjoyable. A couch or your bed is always better than a seat in a movie theater.

Watching in streaming brings many advantages, such as if a person goes to the toilet, they won’t miss a second of the film because you can pause it. Homemade popcorn as delicious as in a room. You will have the chocolate of your choice since it is the Easter holidays. Slump on your sofa and choose your movie.

To embellish your family Easter holidays, I suggest you watch “Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck Wild”. The merry Ice Age gang returns to the underworld of dinosaurs with the company of Crash and Eddie, the goofy opossums. Buck Wild came to their rescue. Laughter is guaranteed in this animation for children from 6 years old.

In the streaming sites, you will have various movies and series for the ages. Spend your Easter holidays running a marathon or just watching a few movies.

Easter holidays: on streaming platforms

On streaming sites there are not only movies. You can also watch children’s series. For these Easter holidays, a new series on Netflix is ​​expected. The series is called “the wild investigations”. It’s an animated series An animated series that talks about the adventures of Sam and Kit who are special agents. They will have to solve puzzles using their flair and science. The release of season 1 is scheduled for April 13. It is in the all public category.

For each season, there is often a film that goes with it. As it is the Easter holiday you can watch Easter themed movies by typing it on the search bar. You will find all the movies that refer to it. You can filter the results to see the films or series suitable for your children

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