A tour from here on David Bowie with international aims

The “ultimate” tribute tour to David Bowie will begin on Friday at Place des Arts. Idealized in Quebec by Claude Larivée, producer of the Cowboys Fringants and Robert Charlebois, HEROES\BOWIE\BERLIN 1976-80 will cross the ocean this fall, where nearly forty dates are already scheduled.

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“In Europe, David Bowie is a god, points out the producer. Since it’s a show we designed for large venues, there are several there. We have confirmed dates in Brussels, Geneva, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Berlin and Amsterdam. »

Before possibly playing in England, Bowie’s home country, the producer wants to make sure everything is spotless with the show. “The objective is of course to go to London and the major English capitals. […] We did the show hoping eventually that people from the Bowie family could see it. And let them be proud of it. We always kept that in mind. »

Claude Larivée and his company, La Tribu, collaborate with Les 2 Belges Productions for the European market. “These are people who have worked a lot around the world on different productions,” he says. The show was really designed with this desire for distribution and with this expert partner in Europe. We are already working with them for Les Cowboys and Robert Charlebois. »

Claude Larivee

Berlin Trilogy

Comprising 26 songs, HEROES\BOWIE\BERLIN 1976-80 will revolve around the Berlin trilogy Bowie released in the late 1970s. “Bowie’s been a career full of masterpieces,” says the producer. To tell a show that was artistically strong and to deploy a solid universe, we decided to focus on the Berlin period. »

The repertoire will thus offer pieces from this trilogy (Down, hero, tenant). Pieces of From station to station and scary monsters were also included in the program.

On stage, the public will be able to hear three singers whose identity will not be revealed before Friday. “We want to keep the surprise until the show,” says Claude Larivée. We wanted to focus on the tribute to Bowie and on the universe that was deployed. »

Single Artist

Auditions were conducted to find these three performers. Claude Larivée mentions having decided quite quickly that a male singer could not do justice to the unique artist that was David Bowie.

“Every time I thought of a singer, I told myself that he didn’t have the same physical resemblance, that he didn’t move the same or that he didn’t have the same elegance,” he says. David Bowie is not someone to imitate. That’s when I had the flash to go there with a woman. Then they became three women. »

“In this way, we will be able to interpret certain moments freely,” he adds. Because David Bowie in 1975 was completely 2022. He was outspoken bisexual and androgynous. He was at the forefront of all currents and of everything we see today. So there’s something very interesting about that. »


Eight musicians will accompany the singers. Among these, we find Jocelyn “Doctor” Tellier, guitarist emeritus who has long accompanied Dumas and Daniel Bélanger. The guitarist and conductor of Robert Charlebois, Daniel Lacoste, as well as the keyboardist Vincent Réhel (Diane Tell, Stefie Shock) will also be part of the group.

This large-scale production will be embellished with a giant transparent LED screen the size of two buildings. Fred Caron (Cirque du Soleil, Osheaga) is in charge of the digital creation direction.

The lighting and scenography are by Jean-François Couture, recipient of six career Félix awards for lighting design of the year. As for the choreographies and movements, they were designed by Maud Saint-Germain (Chicago, let’s dance in the rain).

The premiere of the show HEROES\BOWIE\BERLIN 1976-80 will take place on Friday at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier at Place des Arts. For info: heroesbowieberlin.com.

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