Blanchet could save the PQ

Since his arrival as leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon has had difficulty in the polls. The PQ is in fifth position with 10% of the voting intentions.

The defeat in Marie-Victorin hurts a lot even if this constituency was no longer necessarily a fortified castle like it used to be, let’s say that a few bricks were missing.

Catherine Fournier’s narrow victory in 2018 and her departure from the PQ to sit as an independent before running for mayor of Longueuil weakened the PQ fortress.

However, with Pierre Nantel as a candidate and questions about the management of the CAQ in the CHSLD Herron file, all hopes were allowed for the PQ.

save the furniture

172 days from the next election, the PQ must ask itself questions.

If the leader is not able to win Marie-Victorin with an excellent candidate, how will he be able to go and recruit candidates everywhere in Quebec?

Also, does PSPP want to be the last leader of the PQ – the one who will turn off the lights before leaving the room?

He must think about that during the Easter break.

Solution in Ottawa

In recent weeks, Mr. Blanchet has made no secret of supporting the Parti Québécois. We already know that the Bloc forces will get involved in the next campaign as they did in Marie-Victorin.

So the solution for the PQ is in Ottawa. Yves-François Blanchet was able to save the Bloc Québécois after the passage of Martine Ouellet. He can do the same with the PQ.

In Ottawa, the next few years will be rather quiet. The LPC-NDP marriage means that the next campaign will not be before 2024 or 2025. That gives the Bloc time to find a new leader.

Mr. Blanchet has every interest in saving the parent company so that the federal subsidiary also remains alive.

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