[EN DIRECT] 49th day of war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

Russian forces are maintaining pressure on Wednesday in eastern Ukraine and on the strategic port city of Mariupol (southeast of the country), where more than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered, according to Moscow.

Here are the latest developments, minute by minute

8:45 am | Kremlin finds it ‘unacceptable’ for Biden to accuse Putin of genocide

8:23 am | If the sanctions persist, the Russian economy will take years to rebuild

The president of the Russian Court of Auditors estimated on Wednesday that the country’s economy would take years to rebuild itself if the international sanctions imposed because of the offensive in Ukraine remained in force for a long time.

8:05 am | Without Russian gas, the German economy enters a new era

Industrial Germany is entering a new era where it will have to do without, in the more or less short term, cheap Russian gas, an immediate halt to imports even condemning it to a severe recession, the country’s main economic institutes warned on Wednesday.

7:55 am | Zelensky calls on Europe to act before Russia attacks other countries

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday called on Europe to act more quickly against Russia, saying that “we can either stop Russia or lose all of Eastern Europe”.

7:38 | Ukraine ‘is a crime scene’, says ICC prosecutor

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Briton Karim Khan, described Wednesday Ukraine as a “crime scene”, during a visit to Boutcha, near Kyiv.

7:37 | OSCE notes ‘manifest violations’ of rights by Russia

The OSCE has found gross human rights violations by Russian troops since the invasion of Ukraine, saying it is “appalled” by the thousands of injuries and deaths caused by the conflict, according to a report released Wednesday.

7:33 am | More than 4.65 million refugees

More than 4.65 million Ukrainian refugees have fled their country since the invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24, according to UNHCR figures on Tuesday.

7:31 am | Hundreds of Ukrainian heritage sites damaged

The bar of 100 Ukrainian heritage sites damaged or totally destroyed since the start of the Russian military offensive in Ukraine on February 24 is about to be crossed, warns the director of the UNESCO World Heritage Center in an interview to AFP on Wednesday.

7:09 am | Putin wants new outlets for Russian hydrocarbons

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Wednesday to develop new outlets for the fossil fuels produced by his country, at a time when the Europeans are considering extending their sanctions against Moscow’s hydrocarbons.

7:07 am | UK extends sanctions to 178 pro-Russian separatists and oligarchs

The United Kingdom announced on Wednesday to expand, in coordination with the EU, the list of people sanctioned to include 178 pro-Russian separatists, but also new oligarchs and their relatives, according to a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

6:57 | Bodies of over 1,500 Russian soldiers in Dnipro morgues

The bodies of more than 1,500 Russian soldiers lie in morgues in Dnipro, a major industrial city in eastern Ukraine, the city’s deputy mayor, Mikhail Lyssenko, said on Wednesday.

6:45 am | The German channel OBI graciously sold its Russian subsidiary

The DIY chain OBI has transferred its entities in Russia “without payment of a purchase price” to an unidentified investor, it announced on Wednesday, as Russian media reported the day before about a sale.

6:35 am | EU ports request list of banned Russian ships

The European Ports Organization (ESPO) has asked the EU to provide it with a ‘clear list’ of Russian ships to be banned to allow them to implement the fifth sanctions package adopted against Russia to end the war in Ukraine.

5:53 am | Seven people shot by Russian soldiers in a village

Seven people were shot on Tuesday in a house in a village in the Kherson region in southern Ukraine by Russian soldiers, the Ukrainian general prosecutor’s office announced on Wednesday.

READ | Bombardier sold a jet to the front company of a Russian oligarch

Photo archives, QMI Agency

Bombardier sold a luxury private jet in 2011 to a front company controlled by Arkady Rotenberg, a billionaire oligarch close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

4:56 | Ukraine thwarts a Russian cyberattack on its electrical installations

Ukraine has foiled a Russian cyberattack targeting one of its biggest energy facilities, officials said in the country, which expects a major military offensive from Moscow in the east.

4h40 | German Chancellor Scholz expected in Kyiv to deliver weapons

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is expected in Kyiv for “practical decisions” including the delivery of heavy weapons to support Ukraine in the face of the Russian offensive, an adviser to the Ukrainian president said on Wednesday.

4h30 | Surrender of more than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol, according to Russia

More than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered to Russian forces in Mariupol, the port city in southeastern Ukraine, besieged for weeks, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday.

3h50 | No humanitarian corridors on Wednesday, “too dangerous”, according to Kyiv

Ukraine will not open any humanitarian corridors on Wednesday, a government official said, accusing the Russians of “violating the norms of international law” which makes the situation “dangerous”.

3h45 | British Columbia: a motion for donations of used bulletproof vests to Ukraine

Mayors of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, are calling for facilities from the provincial and federal governments to ship donations of non-lethal equipment to Ukraine.

3h26 | Macron does not use the word “genocide” used by Biden

French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday did not take up the term “genocide” used by his American counterpart Joe Biden to accuse Russian President Vladimir Putin of it in Ukraine, questioning the usefulness of an “escalation of words” for end the war.

WAR NOTEBOOK | Towards a decisive confrontation

In 5 minutes: sources: stuff.co.nz. newshub.co.nz, Canada, archive; research: B.Zapirain; 3D: J.-H. Levasseur; infographic: K.Leblanc

Having entrusted control of operations to General Dvornikov, the Russians must now continue their coordination efforts.

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