his incredible resemblance to a French star

After her new opus released in October 2021, Zaz signs her big comeback, because she is going to live a unique experience in Las Vegas. The beautiful brunette will experience a real turn in her career in relation to the size of the project.

According to the newspaper Le Parisien, the forties will be showing a beautiful musical in Las Vegas in several years. Zaz is preparing to follow the path of Celine Dion in the United States and will hold the central role of the show: that of Edith Piaf.

A show dedicated to Edith Piaf

At the origin of this crazy project? Film producer Thomas Langmann, who spoke to journalists from Le Parisien about this: “The project was postponed because of the health crisis and Zaz’s schedule. But we’re going to put on this show, I think around 2025 in Las Vegas. We will be in residence at the Mirage. “he underlined before saying that the show should cost the colossal sum of 45 million euros. A project that should appeal to the American public.

It must be said that the singer Edith Piaf is an artist known throughout the world. This medium-sized show should be successful. It’s also a big bet for Thomas Langmann, a producer who loves challenges. In the cinema, he has already produced major projects like the famous Mesrine, in two parts.

The producer then spoke about the show in more detail: “I’m going to do Piaf’s whole life, with Cerdan, Aznavour, Montand, Brel, the sets of Paris… People who attend the show will have an outfit in their room. hotel and will experience an evening like at Carnegie Hall. The starting point of this project is Zaz. As Vincent Cassel was the gateway to the project in Mesrine. She’s a great artist,” he said of the singer.

The journalists of Le Parisien, for their part, were able to see at the first tests were, to say the least, really convinced, and spoke of Zaz in the role of Piaf: “With a little make-up, a wig and black clothes, his resemblance to Piaf is obvious”.

Zaz, singing star

The opportunity to talk about Zaz’s journey. She was born in 1980 in Tours, and made herself known to the public thanks to her first title, called I want. Isabelle Geffroy, her real name, started at the conservatory of Tours at the age of 5. In addition to music theory, she takes guitar, piano and violin lessons. A change in his life leads to a move to the Bordeaux region. Zaz took singing lessons before entering a music school in the city of Bordeaux, known as CIAM.

From 2001 to 2008, she evolved in several groups with blues and jazzy tendencies before starting a solo career. 2009 marked a turning point in Zaz’s career. She won the “Le Tremplin Génération” competition in Paris and the doors opened. In June of the same year, it sold out at the Sentier des Halles. His album was released in 2010, half of the titles of which are of his composition.

The title I want, which denounces the consumer society, is a hit. Even if some are ironic about her outfits, Zaz has won hearts. His career was launched and the prizes followed: Chanson Révélation prize from the Académie Charles-Cros, Victoire de la musique for the original song, then the European Border Breaker Awards. A second album entitled Recto Verso was released in 2013. The singer performs all over the world and the public celebrates her everywhere: from Russia to Japan, via the United States, and many European countries.

On the heart side, she announced in October 2021, in the program, L’hebdo de la musique, to have married in secret. Her husband is the father of a little girl. In the weeks and months to come, Objeko will not fail to tell you about the news of Zaz.

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