Marine Le Pen wants to govern by referendum bypassing Parliament and the Constitutional Council

Marine Le Pen shot herself in the foot in the last five fatal minutes, Tuesday, April 12, of her press conference. The candidate of the National Rally (RN) proposed to develop her conception of “democracy and the exercise of power”in Vernon, in the Eure. A journalist fromFreeze frameshaving noted that several media had been refused entry to the election evening of the RN – “Daily”, Days and the BBC – asked him if “that did not bode well for a bad relationship with the media”.

“You are the only one complaining”began Marine Le Pen, before exclaiming: “Ah, but there are no journalists at “Quotidien”. Ah, but, sorry, if it’s only “Quotidien”… “Quotidien”, it’s not a news program or a journalist’s program. “Daily” are entertainers. Sometimes very funny, I do not say. But it’s an entertainment show. We prefer to accredit journalists rather than entertainment programs. » A reporter from Release intervened : “ You decide who is a journalist and who is not? » ” Oh yes. I am at home ! she replied. Yes, yes, I decide. I assume when it’s me who decides! I accredit all the others, including media which are extremely hostile… Like you. » And she left with a burst of laughter.

The remark caused an outcry. The spice of the affair is that the candidate had felt “obligated”ten minutes earlier “to discuss the relationship with the media of our leaders”departing for a moment from his written speech: “I am quite appalled at the way Emmanuel Macron treats the media today, and therefore, in this period of fairness, also treats his competitor. »

Christophe Castaner, the president of the group La République en Marche (LRM) in the Assembly, immediately tweeted: “The lessons of freedom of the press from Marine Le Pen. Behind the displayed smile, total contempt for freedom of expression. » And Emmanuel Macron, in an evening meeting in Strasbourg, replied: “When the extreme right starts saying: ‘I choose the journalists who come or who don’t come’, it’s the same thing we do today in Hungary, that is to say methodically and gradually, degrading the rightsattacked the candidate president. What she wants to do is what we see in Hungary. »

A “political and patriotic” prime minister

With whom and how would Marine Le Pen govern? The candidate has been announcing for more than a year that she would opt for a “government of national unity”. Ten days before the second round, while Emmanuel Macron garners support, she appears very alone and devoid of experienced personalities to govern. “I know that journalists think they know everything but you don’t know anything about who wants or who doesn’t want to govern with meshe exasperated on Tuesday. There are people who come from the right or from the left, who wish to govern with me in the event of victory. » She had already firmly indicated, in the morning on France Inter, that Eric Zemmour would not be part of her team: “He doesn’t want it. I don’t want it either. » She also ruled out, in Vernon, the possibility that her niece Marion Maréchal would enter a government.

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