Moon Knight: The director and Ethan Hawke talk about the last role of actor Gaspard Ulliel

Cultural News Moon Knight: The director and Ethan Hawke talk about the last role of actor Gaspard Ulliel

Currently being broadcast, the mini-series Moon Knight features Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawk, May Calamawy but also Gaspard Ulliel, who died last January at the age of 37 after a skiing accident. But what to expect from this final appearance on television? To talk about it, nothing better than the statements of the director and one of the main actors of the series.

The Midnight Man, the last role of Gaspard Ulliel

The Pact of Wolves, Hannibal Lecter, Saint Laurent or, Just the end of the worldhere is a small selection of rich career of Gaspard Ullielactor considered extremely promising on the side of Hollywood and already very recognized in France. Tragically disappeared following the skiing accident mentioned above, the actor will soon appear in Coma by Bertrand Bonello and in More than ever by Emily Atef, but the last role he took on was that of Anton Mogart alias the Midnight Man, in the series moon knight. It is today that the third episode of the mini-series arrives on Disney +, and it is also in this episode Gaspard Ulliel appears, in the guise of the burglar.

“He had everything to become a star in Hollywood”

It is not a major role vis-à-vis the plot of the series, but his presence visibly marked Mohammed Diabthe director of the series, as well that Ethan Hawkewho plays Dr. Arthur Harrow. The first recently spoke of his meeting with the French actor, indicating that he had always felt that Gaspard Ulliel had everything he was going to become an important figure from Hollywood:

I met Gaspard Ulliel for the first time in 2011, in Montpellier. He loved my film and we talked. We picked up that conversation when I had the chance to cast him in Moon Knight. When I saw Mogart’s character, I contacted him and offered him the role. I always felt that he had everything to become a star in Hollywood: talent and looks.

I was stunned by his humility and down-to-earth side. It looked like her very first day on set. At the end of the shoot, I said to him: Marvel and the fans are going to love you so much, I’m sure you’ll be back. I was one of the only ones to know how much he counted in French cinema. I think he will be immortal, always present thanks to his films. Like James Dean.

Moon Knight: The director and Ethan Hawke talk about the last role of actor Gaspard Ulliel

So many compliments, and a comparison with one of the most legendary actors American cinema that says a lot about how Gaspard Ulliel was perceived. Very positive comments which are supported by the declarations of Ethan Hawke, known for his roles in Dune, X-Men, Lord of War, The Magnificent Seven or American nightmare :

There was a striking elegance and beauty about him. Even though we only worked with him for three or four days, he had a power and a light in him that will be missed.

It remains to be seen whether, like the comics, the character embodied by Gaspard Ulliel will be starved by chemicals and if the proceeds of his larceny will be confiscated by the police, driving him to madness and driving him to make Moon Knight his mortal enemy.

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