Price’s return date?

Many hockey fans, serious supporters who build their team in the pools with the greatest care, are full of the tears surrounding Carey Price.

They’re right. How do you work seriously in your pool when you have $10.5 million under the ceiling busy folding laundry in the family room?

Will he come back this week? Friday against the Islanders to please Bell owner of RDS or Saturday at TVA Sports to give Quebecor a nana?

Or on the road to remove any trace of stress between the thighs of the goalie? I’m talking about his groin and his knees, of course.

And if my fellow poolers can no longer make smart, sensible decisions because of a star goalie who isn’t playing, we’re right to worry about the fefans. And for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton, the two big bosses of the Canadian.

They inherited Marc Bergevin’s problems and misjudgments. Fortunately, the CH cheated and continue to cheat with Shea Weber, otherwise with the injury of Jake Allen, the Canadian would end up with $ 21.3 million in the showers. Allen, Price and Weber. Add another $5 million for Jonathan Drouin. Not to mention the early childhood donation paid to Brendan Gallagher. That’s almost $30 million that isn’t being used.

If you think this makes sense and promises great things for the Canadiens, write to me at and help me understand.

Kent Hughes will have to be of consummate skill to get out of this suffocating situation. We know that he hopes to build a club of young players, but these young people have to be good. And ready.

Are you impressed by the Flannel defense?

Do you really think that Carey Price will save the furniture next season?


There is at least one positive point. Weber is in Vancouver and the young players don’t suffer from his absence, don’t care.

And Carey Price doesn’t bother the locker room. He has been back in the team’s entourage for several weeks, he is training and he has regained his place in the locker room. Carey is nice, he is a good companion in the group. Not talkative, not exuberant, about his little business, but guys like to have him around.

They know that no one has a say in their decision to return to the game.


According to my info, the guys aren’t hinting at what’s to come over the summer. They took advantage of Price’s exploits last July to reach one of the most improbable finals in history and they learned to have fun losing with Martin St-Louis.

When you’re 25, you’re making millions, you’re having fun even while stacking defeats, what can bother you in life?

The date of the return of a goaler?


Cold in the back

Renaud Lavoie raised a very strong point yesterday during the Jean-Charles Lajoie show. To send shivers down the spine to true hockey lovers.

Sometimes, Renaud triggers controversy with clumsiness, it happens in a career, but the work he produced yesterday is major.

Especially when we know that the Legault-Denis committee will present its report in a couple of weeks. We should know better the state of Quebec hockey and the proposals to correct the situation.

It’s all of Canada that should look at the country’s national sport. The numbers are terrifying.


It’s the first time in history that Canada hasn’t had at least three scorers in the National League’s top 20 scorers. It’s never happened in 100-year-old living memory. Even it has never happened that Canada does not provide at least four scorers to the list of the top 20. Not two, not three, not four. Never.

In the top 20 list, there are nine Americans. At nine, they had scored 354 goals at the time of this writing.

The others are Russians, Swedes, Finns.

Canada is no longer there, but no longer there at all.

We can still pack a team for the Olympics. But in the medium term, that will no longer be enough.


It is the whole development of young people that is deficient.

While the Americans have national development programs with the U18s and U20s and feed the NCAA, the rest of us are busing in Calgary, Ottawa and Rimouski.

Result ?

The young Americans from the U18 program are drafted in the first round and come to score 354 goals to nine in the Bettman circuit.

We cannot analyze such a situation in 320 words.

I will come back to it.

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