The Côte-Nord polar bear continues its journey

The polar bear that was seen on the Lower North Shore last week continued on its way to more populated areas. He was observed by a citizen near the village of Baie-Johan-Beetz on the weekend.

The presence of polar bears on the Lower North Shore has already been noted a few times in recent years, but these sightings are still unusual.

What’s even rarer is to see an animal in the Minganie region.

On Saturday, a citizen saw and photographed the bear near Route 138 near the village of Baie-Johan-Beetz.

A few days earlier, near Natashquan, a video was taken of the bear’s footsteps in the snow.

We can observe the animal’s path over a few tens of meters as it passed near a small unoccupied cottage, before heading to the beach, probably to go to the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Polar bears are great swimmers. Not surprisingly, it has traveled more than 250 kilometers in just over a week. According to reports circulating, tracks suggesting that the bear is now heading north have been observed. by wildlife officers. It was not possible to verify this information with the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, which did not respond to a request for information from TVA Nouvelles.

Last week, the ministry indicated that no safety issue justified an intervention by the Wildlife Protection.

A citizen of Minganie, originally from the Lower North Shore and director of a cooperative promoting tourism, is very interested in the presence of this bear. Alberte Marcoux believes that actions could be taken to prevent him from possibly being killed.

“I think this is the first time we’ve seen a polar bear that also goes west to the North Shore. It’s unusual. We must, I think, raise public awareness and ensure that we have a relocation protocol in place for the animal to bring it back to its natural habitat. For us, it is important. Especially since our tourist offer is really based on our environment and our wide open spaces,” she commented.

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