“We can increasingly speak of genocide” in Ukraine, according to Trudeau | War in Ukraine

International bodies will officially determine [ce qui se passe en Ukraine]but it is certain that we can speak more and more of genocidelaunched Mr. Trudeau during a visit to Laval, where he met with Mayor Stéphane Boyer to discuss regional issues.

We have seen the atrocities that the Russians, the Russian army and [Vladimir] Putin are committing in Ukraine. We have seen this desire to attack civilians, to use sexual violence as a weapon of war. This is completely unacceptable.

He denounced the horrifying scenes to which have given rise deliberate attacks on civilians, hospitals and train stations full of people trying to flee.

The way they attack Ukrainian identity and culture… These are war crimes for which Putin is responsible. These are crimes against humanityinsisted the Canadian Prime Minister.

Mr. Trudeau recalled that Canada was among the first countries to initiate a process with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to ensure that Putin is held accountable for these acts, these war crimes.

Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino announced at the end of March that investigators from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) would lend a hand to the ICC to investigate the situation in Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden first used the word genocideTuesday, to qualify the Russian invasion of Ukraine. His administration had carefully avoided the term before and instead referred to Vladimir Putin’s regime’s war crimes on Ukrainian soil.

Poland was the first country to rally behind President Volodymyr Zelensky and claim that genocide was being perpetrated against the Ukrainian people. For their part, Germany and France still refuse to take this step.

When will NATO intervene?

Justin Trudeau was not ready on Wednesday to decide on the decisive moment that would force the entry into play of the forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). He was, however, able to identify the one where Vladimir Putin crossed all acceptable limits of international law.

The turning point was when Russia chose to continue the invasion of Ukraine that it had begun several years ago, in Crimea, with an attack on kyiv. This Russian invasion is completely illegal. He [Poutine] is violating the principles of international law and the sovereignty of Ukraine.

Mr. Trudeau recalled that Europe and the NATO countries responded to Russia with very strong sanctions, never seen against a major economy.

He also reaffirmed Canada’s commitment to military and humanitarian support for Ukraine, as well as welcoming refugees.

We will continue to defend Ukraine, but also the democratic values ​​that Ukraine defends. These are our values. This is what sustains our democracies. This is a time when we have to stand very strong against this Russian threat and invasion. But we have to be careful not to escalate this conflict and see more countries involved, more families torn apart by this violence.he continued.

But we are doing everything we can to prevent Vladimir Putin from winning this war.

Moscow responds with sanctions

Later in the day, Russia announced sanctions against 87 Canadian senators, denying them access to its territory. Among them are Patrick Brazeau, Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, Pat Duncan, Donna Dasko, Julie Miville-Dechêne, Michèle Audette, Chantal Petitclerc and Hassan Yussuff.

Punitive measures have also been announced by Russian diplomacy against 398 members of the American Congress, who are now banned from permanently in Russia.

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