What fruits lower blood sugar?

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In France, the rate of people with diabetes is increasing every year. In general, it is always important to watch your diet, especially fruits rich in natural sugar. But what are the fruits that lower blood sugar levels?

According to Public Health France, “ more than 3.5 million French people are being treated with medication for diabetes, or 5.3% of the population”, in 2020. A figure that is likely to increase, because the foods sold in stores are always sweeter. Geneticadvanced age or poor lifestyleDiabetes is a disease that affects daily life, particularly diet.

Diabetes, a common disease

Recognized as a chronic illnessDiabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels. We are talking about a hyperglycemiaor an abnormally high glucose level (greater than 1.10 g/l). Diabetes is diagnosed when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin or that the body is unable to use the insulin produced. Insulin allows to regulate blood sugarin other words the sugar level. The normal blood sugar level is between 0.07 g/l and 1.10 g/l (less than 1.4 g/l after a meal). On the contrary, hypoglycaemia represents a level lower than 0.06 g/l.

There are different types of diabetes. The most famous are type 1 and type 2that represent 98% of people diagnosedaccording to the Diabetics Federation. The remaining percentage includes other rarer types of diabetes. The most common is type 2 diabetes, which affects nearly 92% of the population.

How to distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is considered an autoimmune disease. The organism self-destructs the beta cells of the pancreas. Touching only 6% of populationit mainly concerns the youngest. Symptoms remain inconspicuous, so it is important for people with type 1 diabetes to be diagnosed in time. Indeed, it results in signs such as fatigue, thirst or abundant urine, etc. Insulin injection is the only solution to this type of diabetes. It is for this reason that it is also called insulin-dependent diabetes or DID.

For type 2 diabetesit is more commonly detected in people over the age of 40. Its appearance is related to a healthy lifestylewhich favored the malfunction of the pancreas. It can be detected 10 to 15 years after its appearance. A regular check-up can prevent its aggravation.

Blood sugar levels can be controlled by insulin injection, performed when needed. Automatically she will slow down glucose absorption. Diabetes cannot be cured. It is for this reason that some rules must be followed to avoid too high a sugar level.

Comment avoid glycemia ?

Diabetes is a disease that is transmitted genetically. Thus, a person with a history in his familyis more likely to have a deficient pancreas. other factors also come into play in the onset of diabetes as the environment, stresstreatment, etc.. Without surprise, unbalanced diet is one of the factors of diabetes. It is important to have all the nutritional intakes of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins (cereals, fruits, vegetables, etc.). Beyond a strict diet, it is the consumption of varied foods that prevents diabetes.

More generally, this disease reflects lifestyle of somebody. overweight and obesity can be factors of diabetes. In effect, inaction or lack of regular physical activity contributes to health problems. the smoking can also be another reason for its appearance.

What fruits to eat to lower blood sugar?

We already know that certain foods are recommended for people with diabetes like rice, cinnamonor even the low calorie vegetables(green beans, eggplant…). Known to be high in sugar, fruits cannot be excluded from the diet. Indeed, their consumption brings an interest for the proper functioning of our body: vitamin A, B and C, hydration in water, trace elements, fibres, etc. Foods above 11 grams of sugars are to be avoided. Here is a non-exhaustive list of authorized fruits, to be consumed in moderation:

Which sweet fruits should be avoided?

On the contrary, other fruits are to avoid, even to flee in food of a diabetic person. Some forms are also to be avoided, such as the dried fruit, fruit juices or fruit jellies. In case of hypoglycaemia, they are on the contrary an ally of first choice. Here are fruits that exceed more than 11 grams of sugar per serving:

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