Back to three report cards for students at the start of the school year

The usual three report cards will be back next year, when students have been assessed twice a year since the start of the pandemic.

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Quebec made the announcement on Wednesday in a letter sent to the school network, obtained by The newspaper.

The weighting of the three ballots will be the same as before the health crisis: the first two ballots will count for 20% of the final grade and the last for 60%.

These changes will allow parents “to be informed on a more regular basis about the progress of their children”, we can read.

The next school year will not, however, be marked by a complete return to normal. The ministerial exams at the end of secondary school will only count for 20% of the final grade of the students, as will be the case this year, unlike 50% before the pandemic.

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The results of the ministerial examinations at the end of elementary school and the beginning of secondary school will only count for 10% of the final mark, which corresponds to the weighting currently in effect.

These adjustments are renewed “to take into account the repercussions that the state of health emergency has had on student learning as well as the pressure exerted on them”, indicates the Ministry of Education.

The “learning to prioritize in a pandemic context” will still be in effect next year, we add.

The announced changes are the subject of a draft regulation which must be approved within 45 days.


The Federation of Parents’ Committees, which demanded the return of the three evaluations, is delighted with this announcement. ” It’s good news. It was too late to have to wait until February before getting the first ballot,” says its president, Kévin Roy.

However, the reaction is more mixed on the side of the teachers’ unions. The primary teachers of the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE) prefer the formula with two bulletins in order to spend “more time teaching and less evaluating”, indicates vice-president Nathalie Morel.

The reduced weighting of ministerial examinations, which will continue next year, is however received much more positively. “We think we should never go back to exams that count for 50% of the final grade” in high school, she says.

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