Black Lives Matter: smells of scandal

Born within the black community in 2013, the Black Lives Matter political movement campaigns against systemic racism in the United States. Its many members denounce police brutality, profiling and inequalities in the justice system.

More exposed than ever since the death of George Floyd, the movement pursues noble objectives and the abuses denounced are very real.

Particularity of the organization, it is decentralized. If each of the local organizations adheres to the principles and values ​​of the central organization, this decentralization sometimes leads to confusion in the message and actions.

This week, Black Lives Matter is attracting media attention for a very bad reason. All movement activities are funded, in whole or in part, by the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. A separate foundation from the movement, it nonetheless receives generous financial contributions due to the popularity of the cause.

On April 4, the magazine New York revealed the foundation’s secret purchase of a six million dollar home in California. According to journalist Sean Campbell, everything has been done to cover the tracks around the transaction and the management of the property.

Legal purchase, but clumsy

If we do not find anything illegal for the moment, the critics fuse and we wonder why the purchase of the property is shrouded in such mystery. In addition, wouldn’t a charity benefiting from tax exemptions benefit from demonstrating more transparency?

One can also question the judgment of managers who invest in a luxury property while local Black Lives Matter chapters suffer from underfunding.

Managers interviewed say they wanted to make it a creative hub to support fellows from the Black Joy Creators Fellowship. Not only is the explanation flawed – the house is empty – but even allies of Black Lives Matter do not believe it.

It must be said that this is not the first time that we have questioned the finances of the foundation. Media as varied as CNN, the Washington Post where the New York Post question the honesty or lack of judgment of leaders. This real estate transaction is not the first to have aroused suspicion. the New York Post devoted this article to it in 2021.

Tainted reputation

Whether or not the management of the foundation is problematic, whether or not its transactions are legal, these are issues that need to be clarified. However, the damage is already done.

Not only do recent revelations diminish the scope of activists’ work, but many allies caught up in the turmoil will be tempted to stop contributing financially. If this scandal is already amplified by the detractors of the movement, the malaise is justified and worrying.

The greatest victims of the behavior of the foundation will once again, alas, be the convinced activists and those whom we wanted to help at the outset.

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