Jean-Jacques Goldman would live in hell, the details revealed!

Jean-Jacques Goldman: A French magazine devotes a portrait to the most discreet of French singers who settled in Great Britain.

Jean-Jacques Goldman worries about the consequences of Brexit…

He returns in spite of himself in Paris Match, which devotes six pages to him this week where we see the artist in particular jogging, seized by the paparazzi in the streets of London, where he now lives with his family.

Goldman has indeed given up on his career to take care of his three daughters Maya, Kimi and Rose (15, 14 and 12 years old) whom he had with Nathalie, a mathematics teacher.

Every afternoon, he takes care of them as soon as they leave class and regularly participates in extracurricular workshops at the high school where they are enrolled.

Jean-Jacques Goldman hell

The life of the singer, 68, passes by in a residential suburb of west London, where he rents a villa: shopping at the supermarket, reading L’Équipe, regular jogging or rides in a Renault Espace, when he does not take not the tube to cross London.

No whims, bling-bling purchases or insane lifestyle: Goldman has always lived soberly, away from the excesses of show biz.

One of his major concerns at the moment concerns Brexit and the future status of non-British residents, the famous “settled status”, which will allow European nationals to continue to access the country’s social benefits and services.

According to Paris Match, Goldman has become a regular at the Consulate General of France to learn about the administrative procedures inherent in his daily life as an expatriate and the changes that the exit of the United Kingdom from Europe will cause.


“He told me about it,” confirms his singer friend Michael Jones to the magazine. He worries about the consequences of Brexit, like all of us, but that doesn’t change his existence.

His British stay will not last longer than the schooling of his daughters. »

Business in France

France is never far away for Goldman: he regularly returns to Marseille, where he has kept his house and where his three other children, born of his first marriage, live.

It is also in France that the head office of his production company is installed and that he continues to pay his taxes on his author’s, composer’s and performer’s rights estimated at 2 million euros annually, an unverifiable figure since Sacem and Adami never communicate the rents paid to artists.

On the music side, no current project, his last studio album dates back to 2001 and he makes it a point of honor to no longer intervene in the new Enfoirés team, which has taken over from the charity show in favor of Restos du cœur.

“Hello… ah bah… I’ve lost this habit”, he blurts out after having tried, several times, to present himself and officially launch the season of “Quotidien”. The broadcast microphone in hand, Jean-Jacques Goldman presents himself facing the camera: first name, last name and short statement:

“I officially declare the fourth season of Daily open. There you go, Yann, it’s up to you. And be good! »

A comeback

Sobriety takes precedence with the one we nicknamed “JJG”. It is in any case a nice blow for the program presented by Yann Barthès which brings out the singer regularly elected favorite personality of the French even though he appears only very little in the media from retirement.

It must be said that Jean-Jacques Goldman has come back somewhat to the fore in recent days.

About ten days ago, his songs were finally available on streaming platforms. A small revolution for JJG, which prefaces a return to the front of the stage?

Farewell London?

Jean-Jacques Goldman will not escape the new Brexit rules, and he knows it. In a portrait devoted to the singer in its newsstand issue, Paris Match says: According to the Consulate General of France, he goes there regularly to undertake the administrative procedures necessary for his daily life as an expatriate.

Jean Jacques Goldman

If he wants to continue living in London, Jean-Jacques Goldman will have to apply for settled status, the status of expatriates which will allow them to stay on British land and guarantee their rights.

But it won’t be easy to pull off. To obtain this status, it is necessary to prove, with numerous documents, that one lives in the United Kingdom explains to our colleagues the deputy of the French of Northern Europe, Alexandre Holroyd.

Asked by Paris Match, the Franco-Welsh singer Michael Jones, friend and former acolyte of Jean-Jacques Goldman, did not hide that the political situation in the United Kingdom worried the singer.

Jean Jacques Goldman

However, this would not be the main motivation for his possible return to France: He told me about it. He is worried about the consequences of Brexit, like all of us, but that does not change his existence.

His British stay will not last longer than the schooling of his daughters Proof that his installation in England was never considered as final: he is a tenant in London.

While he is the owner in France, in Marseilles, where the whole family returns for the school holidays. This is where Jean-Jacques Goldman could one day put his bags down again.

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