More worried about the fin than the victims

Even though two young women had just been thrown from his vehicle, a motorist involved in a serious accident on Tuesday in Beauharnois preferred to stop to pick up his spoiler and flee rather than inquire about the state of the victims.

Jean-François Daigneault was charged with criminal negligence causing injury, dangerous driving causing injury and hit and run, Wednesday, by videoconference at the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield courthouse, in Montérégie.

Jean-Francois Daigneault

Photo taken from Facebook

Jean-Francois Daigneault

Dressed in a white jumpsuit with holes in the back and a mask placed under his nose, the 25-year-old man seemed quite calm in front of judge Joey Dubois.

As the Crown opposed his release, he must return to court on Thursday.

The tragedy took place around 9:15 p.m., on Hydro-Québec land, near boulevard de Melocheville. This site, nicknamed the “lock”, is a place very frequented by racing car enthusiasts who wish to meet to discuss.

That evening, Daigneault showed up with his 17-year-old girlfriend in his Subaru, which he also calls his “little monster”.

Seats on the trunk

At some point during the evening, the teenager and Aïka Faille, a fairly well-known car enthusiast in this milieu, sat on the trunk of Daigneault’s Subaru, their legs under the spoiler. In a context that remains unclear, the accused headed for Boulevard de Melocheville while the young women were still sitting on the trunk.

“Sometimes I heard [Aïka] scream that the fin was unclipped and the guy didn’t stop, he continued, reported Jimmy Côté, who witnessed the scene. He was going about 50 or 60 km/h I would say. »

Shortly after, the Subaru’s spoiler completely gave way. The two young women were then violently thrown to the ground.

“He ran out, picked up his fin, put it on his back seat and left,” says Côté.

Between life and death

The teenager suffered serious injuries which are not, however, life-threatening.

However, Aïka Faille was not so lucky. Seriously injured in the head, she underwent brain surgery on Wednesday and was still in critical condition in hospital.

As for Daigneault, he was arrested a few hours later on boulevard Cadieux, near rue Dupuis. His vehicle was seized for inspection.

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