PLQ: we must also blame Couillard and Barrette

The Quebec Liberal Party is no more than a shadow of itself. Its leader Dominique Anglade is still looking for its roots. He is therefore criticized for his successive “bends” to sometimes improvised tunes.

One day, green and left. Another, trying to seduce both French nationalists and anti-Bill 101 English speakers.

Last brick: the skinny result of 6.93% of the votes won by the PLQ in the Marie-Victorin partial. An obvious disaster, but hardly surprising.

Within the French-speaking majority, the PLQ has been living for a long time around 10% support. For the Liberals, this is an unprecedented low. A 36and underneath, from which they seem unable to extricate themselves.


Faced with such a shipwreck, the strength of the CAQ does not explain everything. Nor even the turns of Mme England. In fact, since the elections of 1is October 2018, the PLQ is dragging its historic defeat by less than 25% of the vote like a ball.

We may have forgotten it, but the poisoned political legacy of former Prime Minister Philippe Couillard – and of his omni-Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette – also weighs heavily on the PLQ.

Former Health Minister Gaétan Barrette

Archival photo

Former Health Minister Gaétan Barrette

The Couillard era hurt. Austerity. Barrette reforms having disrupted an already fragile health network. Deep disdain for Quebec nationalism in all its forms. Etc.

time is running out

That the Liberals were beaten hard by the CAQ after only one mandate was no coincidence. The problem is that the current leader and her troops – increasingly fatalistic, it seems – are still struggling to erase the liberal slate soiled by the Couillard-Barrette years.

How to “reinvent” the PLQ after such a tsunami? However, six months before the elections, for Dominique Anglade, time is running out. It goes without saying that no one expects to see the PLQ capable of defeating the CAQ.

A second defeat in a row, as disastrous or even worse than in 2018, could however endanger the very survival of the oldest political party in Quebec.

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