The PLQ has lost its raison d’être

Do you know what is the best key to understanding what is happening with the PLQ?


Everything is here.


Imagine if tomorrow, Batman had no more enemies.

If the Joker, the Penguin and the Sphinx disappeared, or if they no longer posed any danger to the people of Gotham.

Batman would lose his purpose.

This is the great lesson of Marvel and DC Comics: super heroes need super villains to exist. Their destinies are intertwined.

One falls, the other follows.

Batman had only one goal in his life: to protect the people of Gotham from the bad guys.

Take away the bad guys, Batman is no longer Batman.

He is Bruce Wayne. And who is Bruce Wayne? It’s nobody. An ordinary citizen, like all the others.

Well, the same goes for the PLQ.

The fundamental mission of the party of Robert Bourassa and Jean Charest was to protect the federalists from the evil sovereignists.

As long as the sovereigntist threat was alive, the PLQ was doing well. He didn’t have to find a cause: it was already found, there, in front of him.

The Joker René Lévesque!

The Penguin Jacques Parizeau!

The Lucien Bouchard Sphinx!

Quick, call the PLQ to come and defend us!

The PLQ was the insurance policy for Anglos and federalists, the vaccine against the nasty separatist virus, which we had to inject religiously every four years.

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But now that the threat of sovereignty no longer makes anyone tremble, now that the role of the PQ is no longer to set fire to the Canadian federation, as in the past, but just to ensure that the embers of sovereignty are not completely extinguished, now that the PQ looks like a mausoleum built on the side of a mountain to protect the heart of Brother René, what is the PLQ for, exactly?

No one knows.

This is why the party of Dominique Anglade is agitated like a hen without a head. He is looking for himself, has lost his reason for being.

The same could be said of the PQ…

The PQ was the Batman of the sovereignists. And Charest, their Joker.

But now that we are more likely to witness Charest’s return to the federal scene than that of the Liberals in power in Quebec, and now that the party to be dislodged is not red, but blue (pale blue, maybe, but blue anyway), what is the PQ for, exactly?

To embody the bad conscience of the CAQ, a party that calls itself nationalist, but which is not that much?

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The truth is that the arrival of the CAQ changed everything, shook everything up.

Just as the arrival of Duhaime risks, too, to reshuffle the cards.

The PQ and the PLQ now pass, in the eyes of young people (wrongly or rightly, that is not the question), for “old” parties that offer “old” answers to “old” questions.

They look at Batman and The Joker, and they’re like, “What are these corny characters? »

Exactly like us, when we watched TV and saw that we were still playing old episodes of Tarzan and Zorro…

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