20 things to know about Freddie Gibbs, the Omar Little of US rap

For fifteen years he has been dragging his gaiters around the game without asking anyone…

1. Freddie Gibbs’ father was a police officer!

Born on June 14, 1982 in Gary, Indiana, Fredrick Jamel Tipton was raised by a postal worker mother and a father who did odd jobs and tricks to make ends meet.

Engaged for a time in the police, he was however quickly fired for his lack of ethics.

2. Fairly gifted receiver on his high school football teamFreddie Gibbs has been offered a scholarship to play at Ball State University.

At the same time, when he got caught with a gun the year he turned 19, he immediately gets fired from the team and the university.

3. Rather than receive a prison sentence, he agreed to join a military training camp.

Again the experience was cut short, eight months later he was fired after being caught smoking weed.

4. Back on the streets of Gary, he once shot nine times on a junkie.

Podcast guest Joe Rogan Experiencewhen the conversation turned to the effects of cocaine, and in particular to the insensitivity to bullets, Freddie Gibbs confided that at the time he fired on a crackhead.

“I shot this nigger nine times with a Tec-9, and he kept running! »

5. In addition to alcohol and joints, Freddie Gibbs was addicted to medicinal drugs for a long time.

Friends with users of Xanax, Lean and other Percocet, he ended up weaning himself by watching these same friends die one after the other.

6. Freddie Gibb started his rapping career by getting fired from Interscope.

Signed in 2006 after being spotted two years earlier through his mixtape duo Full Metal Jackit and Full Metal Jackit Vol. 2he is thanked even before his first studio album has had time to see the light of day.

In question, his repeated misconduct, the explosion of piracy which considerably reduced budgets, the end of fashion for gangsta rap and the departure for Warner of Joe ‘3H’ Weinberger, the artistic director who had discovered him.

7. Not everything was negative during his short stint on Interscope: in addition to having cashed a check for 30,000 dollars in advance, he also met an intern who very quickly became his manager then his arm must, Ben ‘Lambo’ Lambert.

“This guy knows hip hop better than most people. We’ve been together since the start. I trust him 100%. If he recommends something, I do it. Seriously, if he advised me to play the banjo, I would. »

8. Incredible as it may seem, when in 2011 during a search at the airport security officers discovered two bags of green grass in his luggagerather than confiscating them, they left him a handwritten note “C’mon son”.

9. In November 2014, he narrowly escaped a gunfight as for, following a concert given at a Brooklyn record store, an armed man fired on his car.

If Gibbs managed to escape safe and sound, two people around him were shot and injured.

10. Although he is not a big fan of religions, preferring to cultivate a more direct and personal connection with God, if he had to identify with a monotheism, it would be Islam.

11. Author in 2014 of very good Pinata in collaboration with Madlib, Freddie Gibbs explained that the title of the album references the time when he had transported drugs in one of those large figurines made of papier-mâchéé that Mexican children usually have fun demolishing with a bat on their birthday.

12. In June 2016, about to give a concert in Toulouse, Freddie Gibbs was arrested by French police following a rape complaint filed by a woman in Austria.

He then spent almost four months in the shade before the charges were lifted the following September, for lack of evidence.

13. During his time behind bars, Freddie Gibbs used his time to largely write the album Bandanahis second collaboration with Madlib.

14. Freddie Gibbs is a father of two children : a son born in 2007 and a daughter born in 2015 from his union with his fiancée at the time, actress and model Erica Dickerson.

15. His first baby mama it is forbidden to approach him within 100 meters.

The latter and Freddie Gibbs have had a most explosive relationship for many years already, when in 2019 she wrote with keys “Fuck you” on his Mercedes-Benz, it was too much for the rapper who resolved to appeal to justice.

16. The personality he prefers to follow on social networks? Amber Rose.

17. In 2016, Freddie Gibbs and the French Jazzy Bazz recorded a song together, Lay-back.

“The connection was made thanks to a guy called Maxime Robin, he’s Freddie’s turner in Europe. It was he who, when I came to see a Freddie Gibbs concert in Paris, invited me into the boxes to meet him. He wanted to organize a feat between us, he took the lead. On my own, I would not even have dared to do so. (sic)

“We didn’t pose together. We were going to do it, but in the end the planning was done that he recorded in Lyon in the studio of a guy called Lino. I wasn’t there but I had sent 3-4 beats, so he chose this one and put down his text. He wrote about what he wanted. As he narrated a car ride, I took his theme and followed it. Freddie loved the sound once finalized. »

18. Freddie Gibbs now legally sells his own weed, the Freddie Kane OG.

Cultivated on a farm in California, according to the reviews it would be of superior quality (“euphoric, tranquilizing and analgesic”) and would be the type to make you “miss a day of work if you overdo it”.

Better, Snoop Dogg himself validated it, which delighted Gibbs: “If you impress Snoop, nothing else matters!” »

19. Contrary to what the title of this article suggests.his favorite character in TheWire is not Omar Little but Marlo. He even named his dog that.

20. What would he like to be written on the tombstone when he is no longer in this world?

“Born into this crying world, died laughing”/“Born in this world of tears, but died laughing”

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