after 5 Bercy, the singer delivers a heartbreaking message on the Web

Vianney, one of the most popular French singers of his generation, began writing his own songs at the age of 12. in 2005, he recorded his first self-produced album with his older brother. Two years later, he gave his very first concert at the New Morning in Paris. Since his beginnings in music, the artist has come a long way. In 2016, he won the performer of the year trophy at the Victoires de la Musique. A year later, he was named in the “revelations” category.

Vianney’s very first album was released in 2014, Idées blanches, which was certified platinum. Released in 2016, the second is certified diamond disc. A third release in 2020 and also meets with great success. In 2021, Vianney joins the team of coaches in “The Voice”.

Today, the singer has thousands of fans and is selling more and more records. It fills huge performance halls and plays on all the radios. During his tours, he expends mad energy to offer unforgettable memories to his audience. Furthermore, he is sincerely grateful to him.

Vianney, rising star and young dad

In recent years, Vianney’s audience has continued to grow. His albums always live up to the expectations of his fans, who have only grown in number since he joined the team of “The Voice”.

The last big tour of the artist ended recently. In each French city where he stops, Vianney performs to packed houses! Dad recently, the young songwriter and performer seems tired from his recent tour. So he decided to rest. On stage every night for long weeks, the coach of The Voice has emptied his batteries. Especially since he wants to fully assume his role as a father, so he hasn’t planned to spare himself on this side either.

We were talking about the growing success of Vianney, imagine that the singer has already filled five Bercys! However, the capacity of this theater is more than 20,000 seats!

The artist remains discreet about his private life

Unfortunately for his admirers, Vianney keeps a low profile when it comes to his private life. His partner and mother of his little boy is named Catherine Robert. This talented cellist crossed paths with the young man on one of his tours. Already the mother of a daughter, the young woman married her dear and tender on July 14, 2021. This marriage was kept secret, but Vianney still announced the birth of her son on Instagram on October 19, 2021.

Even if the artist remains discreet, he publishes information related to his tours, sings his new songs and surprises his fans by evoking some of his relatives. A few months ago, the young dad introduced his brother, Edouard Bureau, who had just released his second novel “La grande vallée”. Vianney invited its subscribers to obtain this fascinating book which tells the life of two shepherds. In the heart of the Alps, the latter open up to the beauty of a threatened nature. The artist also took the opportunity to make a true declaration of love to his little brother: “ …You are a virtuoso. A real. I love you Doudou and am proud to be your brother. »

Vianney: a well-deserved rest and sincere thanks

To regain strength and take full advantage of his small family, Vianney therefore decided to go to Mallorca, a Spanish island in the Balearic Islands. ” This is where I intend to recharge the batteries to give you the best concerts on these six dates that we have left. I promise to do everything to be physically at my best on these last big rooms together he promised his audience. Given the energy he deploys on stage during his concerts, the singer does well to perk up on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Grateful to his fans, the artist takes advantage of his free time to thank them warmly: ” Five Bercy’s are a lot in one lifetime… I’ll never get used to it and I always want to thank you. Thank you also to my friends… for their precious visit and to my team so unique, decidedly unsinkable. he wrote on his Instagram account. This very touching message was greatly appreciated by thousands of Vianney admirers.

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