Deep Fear (on OCS shock): not even afraid!

REVIEW – Very first horror film from OCS Signature, Deep Fear is a botched homage to the great American B-movies of the 1990s. Too bad. It was well tried.

Paris, August 1991. Sonia (Sofia Lesaffre, The Three Brothers: The Return) Henry (Victor Meutelet, heart plan) and Max (Kassim Meesters, Coyotes), students and best friends forever, celebrate the results of the partials and the integration of one of them. Ramy (Joseph Olivennes, Versailles), an acquaintance of Sonia, offers them a trip to the catacombs, away, far off the beaten track. They obviously do not know what awaits them… So begins Deep FearOCS Signature’s very first horror feature film, a film by Grégory Beghin from a screenplay by Niko Tackian (Alex Hugo) or we talk about racism against a background of neo-Nazism, or even just Nazism. The villains of the story – a band of brats from the hardline branch of the extreme right – will indeed come across more villains there: a real SS officer and his doberman, both undead and thirsty for blood. We shiver in advance. Wow…

© Jo Voets/White Lion Films

Horror and horror

The film is co-produced by Black Swan Tales, a company whose mission is to restore the spotlight on horror and dread through works also intended to raise awareness among the widest possible public about major contemporary societal issues, such as the identity, gender, discrimination, racism, human rights, ecology or empowerment… The premise is ambitious. All the more friendly since the objective is to deliver four projects every eighteen months. Deep Fear is part of. It was shot in just seventeen days. We feel the effort. We see the ingredients that served as the basis for the scenario – living dead (the SS officer and his dog), metaphor (they alone represent the most ignominious thing that civilization has engendered), monstrous creation (the doberman is a genetically modified species)…. We see the homage to American films of series B and Z. We look for winks to Carpenter, Friedkin, Craven and their famous slashers…

© Jo Voets/White Lion Films


Let us recall in passing that the slasher is a very popular subgenre of horror film in the 1980s. It features an anonymous or masked killer hunting down mainly teenagers and is generally defeated by a female protagonist, called “the last survivor”. “. But the sauce does not take. There is blood, bones, a majority of scenes shot by torchlight, like Blair Witch Project – inevitably, the catacombs… -, others through the prism of a camcorder – we think of Rec – and some very typical gory sequences Chainsaw Massacre Where Aliens. Not a start, however, not a move upmarket, not this irrepressible urge to look away, to fill your mouth with Smarties or to stick to your couch neighbor at the time of the attack. Shame. Anyway, tonight is debate night. And for many, it’s much scarier.

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